The Voice Blind Auditions Night 2 Recap

The Voice Blind Auditions Night 2 Recap


Newcomer Ricky Martin and female coach Delta Goodrem have been having the best of luck so far; but will that all change tonight as the four mentors fight to build their team of fourteen artists.

First up tonight is Danni Hodson. Tonight, she will be singing ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ by Etta James. Seal turns around immediately. Ricky is next, quickly followed by Delta. Joel is last to turn, but hey, they ALL turn! Now it’s up to Danni. The mentors offer their pleas for Danni, but in the end, she goes with Team Joel.

Next up is Mark Stefanoff from Adelaide. He was bullied for just being himself at school. He’s singing This Is The Moment by Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse. No one takes to him at first, but can he turn anyone? Unfortunately not, but Ricky tells him that he will contact Mark with his agent.

Next up is Bathurst boy Ryan Sanders, who has lost both of his parents and originally lived in Manchester, UK. Can he achieve a place here? He’s singing Matt Corby’s Brother! Love this song! He gets Seal to turn pretty much straight away. Delta will turn- it’s just a matter of when. And yep, there she goes. Joel follows just before the song ends. Ricky doesn’t turn. So, who will Ryan choose? He goes for Team Seal!

Next up is Skye Elizabeth whose mother has MS. She moved to Sydney at the age of 21. She wants to go with Seal. She’s singing Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae. Lucky for her, Seal is the first to turn! As the song ends and Skye gets excited over placing with Seal, Joel turns around at the last minute! She totally simply ignores Joel at first. She makes it clear she wants Seal. It’s quite funny.

Next up is Harrison Craig, who suffers from a stutter. We’ll see him later. Anna Weatherup is first. She’s a seventh-day Adventist whose life is dedicated to God. She sings Fields of Gold. Delta and Seal turn at the same time. Joel is quick to turn next and Ricky soon follows. It was a stunning performance. The mentors practically beg for her. She chooses Delta.

Nick Kingswell is next. He sings I Need A Dollar. He has the mentors dancing from the get go. Ricky turns but he is unlucky in getting others to turn. He’s Team Ricky!

Up next is Emma Pask, a Jazz lover who was discovered by James Morrison and doesn’t know she’s doing this. Hang on, if Carmel Smith was ejected for working with Guy Sebastian, what does this mean for Emma? She technically is partaking in professional work with Morrison. Anyway, we’ll see. She’s singing Blue Skies. She gets Joel to turn, and now she’s with him!

After the break, we then see some of the less impressing auditions. I thought only the best got through to this stage…

Next up is South Australian Tib Horvath. He’s apparently been performing for 30 years. Haven’t heard of him. He’s singing Are You Going To Be My Girl. With so much experience, he’s not having much luck getting the judges to turn. Yep, no such luck for this rocker.

It’s now time for Harrison Craig to take to the stage. Can he overcome his obstacle and sing his guts out? He’s singing Broken Vow. It’s not long before he gets Seal to turn. Delta is next with Joel following soon after. Last to turn is Ricky. But he turns. His family is crying. How touching. In the end, he decides to side with Team Seal!

Seal ends the episode with four acts out of fourteen. The rest of the mentors have three.


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