The Biggest Loser Episode 11 Margie Visits

The Biggest Loser Episode 11 Margie Visits

The trainers didn’t want to vote last night because they are there to help the contestants. Well, the contestants are about to get a little help from a former winner the trainers once helped themselves!

The trainers walk into the lounge after elimination. Cher and Anita definitely want to be here after originally kind of wanting to leave. Before getting into training, Michelle gives them a surprise- last year’s winner Margie! They talk about wanting to leave and needing to stay at the Biggest Loser house.

Margie makes a cheesy ‘if I can change, you can change’ speech before bringing out the cardboard cut-out of her pre-Biggest Loser. She then reveals she will be training them all today. All the mother-daughter teams go with Michelle and Margie to the gym. Cher, being Margie’s weight when she was in the competition, is inspired by Margie and has a good training session.

Apparently getting Katie to chunder is the highlight of the training session. Meanwhile, Mark and Chris are training with Shannan and Chris is almost losing it with anger since he feels like he has let Mark down. We see that Chris has never talked about the son he lost at two-weeks. Shannan relates with a similar story. Chris is able to talk about him and a breakthrough is had!

Now, it’s time for the fridge! Gerald and Todd hold all the power this week. They decide to keep their power and become the first team to open it on their own accord. Everyone yells out ‘scales’ when they open it. It turns out they’ve won a mid-week weigh-in check to see how they’re going.

The next day, the contestants go to meet the trainers at Circular Quay. For ‘Supersize Week’, they will be doing something they would normally be expected to do at the end of the competition. They’re going to abseil down the side of a high rise. Robyn is overwhelmed. As a temptation, letters from their loved ones await at the bottom.

Kirsten & Janet are first to jump. Even though she is crying, Janet knows she has to do it. Kirsten buckles and backs out. Janet goes down with Michelle instead. She makes it to the bottom and she is so happy. She heckles the crowd a bit too!

Next up are the black team. Mark enjoyed it the moment he stepped off but Chris is a little more nervous. They manage to get down easily. They also get their letters from home. Next up are Mandy and Brett. Brett wasn’t able to abseil due to his injury, meaning height-fearing Mandy would have to go with Shannan. Mandy does it relatively easily.

Amber and Richard are afterwards and they are also pretty keen for the experience. Up next are Gerald and Todd. They’re doing well but half way down, he loses control of the break and goes down quite fast, not realising that the guys at the top could still regulate his speed. They get down with ease after that.

The yellow girls are next and they are petrified with Anita having a phobia of heights. Both Anita and Cher want to back out at the last minute. They both decide not to do it. They are gutted, as is Shannan.

Katie and Robyn are next and Robyn is just crippled with fear. Will they be able to do it?

We’ll find out tomorrow.


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