Neighbours remixed winner announced

Neighbours remixed winner announced

It was a competition to find the new singer of Neighbours but this time there are two  winners.

Neighbours new-look TV theme will be a duet sung by Australian Stephanie Angelini and Brit Daniel Boys following a tied decision

Judges Barry Crocker, Executive Producer Richard Jasek and Music Director Chris Pettifer were unable to split the vocals of finalists Angelini and Boys.

“Both Stephanie and Daniel have exquisite voices and together created a harmony which took us all by surprise. We couldn’t let the opportunity go to put these extraordinary performers together and the end result has far exceeded all expectations,” said Jasek.

Original theme song vocalist Barry Crocker said, “Both Daniel and Stephanie are delightful ambassadors for their respective countries, not to mention terrific singers. I think the duet is a wonderful rendition of the Neighbours theme and harks back to the original I recorded 28 years ago.”

For Angelini the news was also a welcome 21st birthday present.

“For someone starting out in the music industry, it’s an incredible opportunity and I’m honoured to sing with Daniel such a great theme tune to an iconic Australian series. I’ve been a fan ofNeighbours for many years and to know that our voices will be heard on the show every night, that is just incredible,”she said.

“I’m so happy right now. This whole competition and trip here has been amazing,” added Boys.

“Stephanie is such a lovely girl and the outcome could not have been better. I can’t wait for the public to hear the new theme sung by us.”

The new version will feature on the opening titles from next Monday (April 15) in Australia and in the UK in May.

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