The Voice 2013-Penultimate Blind Auditions ep 8 recap

The Voice 2013-Penultimate Blind Auditions ep 8 recap


Teams have almost filled up, but some spots remain. Who will take them?

First up tonight is Leonardo’s Bride’s Abby Dobson. She will be singing Do Right Woman Do right Man. She entertains the coaches, but not enough to make them turn. What a shame. Seal thinks there was too much soul.


Next is Michelle Martinez. She’s singing Lady Marmalade. This should get a few button presses. She does! All but Ricky to be exact. Who will she choose? She ends up with Seal!


Next up is non-Bieber lookalike Eske Ozdemir. His nerves definitely get to him. He’s singing So Sick. No, sorry, way too nervous. No turns.


Next up is Sione Felila. Will he have more luck? He’s singing You To Me Are Everything. He gets Ricky to turn. His mother is very impressed with that!! And with Mr. Martin the only turnee, he’s on Team Ricky!!


The next artist is the very flowery Kiyomi Vella. She’s singing 1. 2. 3. 4. Joel looks keen…and…he…presses it! Seal goes at the same time! She ends up going to Team Joel!


With that done, it’s time to meet Louise Roussety. She’s singing Creep. She gets Joel to turn!


Next up is Vanessa Raspa. With few spaces left, she’s got to be very good. She’s singing These Boots Are Made For Walking. The judges actually look confused at times. No turns. They seem to love her though.


Lauren Dawes is next. She claims to sing like a black woman. She’s albino. We’ll see her later.


First up is Rob Edwards. He’s singing Seven Nation Army. He has no trouble getting people to turn. Everyone but Ricky is convinced to push their button! Edwards is brought to tears by it all as this is his dream. He ends up going with Delta.


It’s now time for Lauren Dawes. Or is it? We are now introduced to James Walker. He’ll be singing One Crowded Hour. Ricky pushes the button at the last minute, finding his final member.


NOW it is time for Lauren. Her audition song will be Is This Love. I was expecting something a little more indie. She gets Seal and Seal only- placing her on his team.


That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow, the final four spots will be filled!



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