Can Of Worms April 22

Can Of Worms April 22

Chrissie Swan returns to Can of Worms tomorrow with guests Anthony Callea, Lawrence Mooney and Anna Meares.

Is it time to bring back National Service? Would you eat a cockroach tartlet?

National Service in Australia has a controversial history. As we approach ANZAC Day, what do our guests think about bringing back National Service?

Plus, entomophagy. We didn’t know what that meant either. It’s the craze of insect-eating and apparently it’s the next big thing, but what’s behind this bug boom? According to experts, the eating of insects is healthy, nutritious and tasty, particularly as many species contain as much protein as meat or fish.

But would you eat insects? Chrissie serves up a selection of insect delicacies, including tofu puffs garnished with scorpions, cockroach tartlets, grilled polenta and mealworm and crickets. Will any of the guests partake?

On a far more palatable note, tonight’s moral minefield poses the question, should cyclists have to pay a rego? Olympic cyclist Anna Meares understandably has a strong opinion on this issue and it’s not long before she’s clashing with Anthony Callea.

Join us in welcoming Chrissie Swan back from maternity leave for another unpredictable episode of Can of Worms.

Anthony Callea is an Aussie singer-songwriter who rose to prominence as the runner-up in the 2004 season of Australian Idol. He currently holds the record for both the highest and fastest-selling single in Australia for his debut release, The Prayer, and has accumulated a string of awards including an ARIA Award, Channel V Artist of the Year and MTV Viewers’ Choice Award. Callea is about to release (April 26) his third studio album Thirty celebrating turning 30.

Lawrence is a self-confessed “funny person with a funny face”. Most recently he appeared as an Agony Uncle on ABC’s Agony Uncles and The Agony of Life. In May this year, Lawrence will host the live ABC Show Dirty Laundry Live. He has also featured regularly on Spicks and Specks, The Project and as a regular Brains Trust member on The Einstein Factor. He was co-host of the ABC’s coverage of the Paralympic Games London 2012 and co-hosted the Paralympic Awards ceremony with Sam Pang.

Anna Meares is Australia’s best track cyclist. She made one of the most dramatic comebacks in Australian history when she won a silver medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, seven months after she broke her neck in a race crash. She went on to win gold at the 2012 London Olympics and has now committed to another four-year campaign to win gold at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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