The Twelve Review

The Twelve Review

This week, Foxtel unveils its highly-anticipated Aussie drama The Twelve.

A complex legal drama, The Twelve explores more than just the trial of artist Kate (Kate Mulvany), who is accused of killing her teenage niece Claire (Coco Jack Gilles), the daughter of her sister Diane (Jenni Baird).

Assisting Kate in her defence is Brett Colby (Sam Neill), who has plenty of scope given that Claire’s body is still yet to be recovered. The opposition has the formidable  Lucy Bloom (Marta Dusseldorp) so expect some brilliant debating scenes.

A plot like this would usually be enough to sustain an entire drama, but The Twelve peels back the layers of the jury, which consists of fourteen very different individuals who are tasked with deciding Kate’s fate.

Some of these faces include Georgina (Brooke Satchwell), a young mother living in an abusive relationship with her husband Jamie (Hamish Michael); Alexi (Damien Strouthos) who has to juggle his job, which is placing pressure on his brother (Ben Mingay); Jarrad (Ngali Shaw), a university student dealing with endless deadlines; and former refugee Farrad (Hazem Shammas), who hopes to bring the group together through his cooking.

Writer Sarah Walker does a brilliant job setting up the series with a compelling narrative that is sure to unravel in the coming weeks.

The cast to chock full of wonderful Australian talent, with the large ensemble cast, also includes Matt Nable as Claire’s father Nathan, Silvia Colloca, and Shane Connor to name just a few

A complex story full of amazing performances, The Twelve is without a doubt Australia’s most ambitious drama of the year and it doesn’t disappoint for a second.

5 Stars

The Twelve premieres 8:30pm Tuesday on FOX Showcase.


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