A strike from under the radar

A strike from under the radar

Tonight Big Brother reached a milestone but who didn’t make the top 10.

Tonight on Big Brother, with the Top 10 looming and an Aussie barbecue online, the housemates didn’t hold back when Big Brother asked them probing questions for the house task.

In order to pass, Reggie and Johnson had the difficult task of guessing five correct answers the majority of housemates would give without speaking to anyone.

Victory saw the house excitedly prepare for their big barbecue dinner while Taras, who was accused of flying under the radar in the house task, chose to focus on guaranteeing his Head of House votes by securing a pact with Tully.

But Tully went back on her word during a secret ballot vote, swinging the odds in Jaycee’s favour and making him the next Head of House, as well as the first housemate to secure a place in Top 10.

Disappointed by Tully’s betrayal, Taras was out for blood, shifting his focus on winning the nominations challenge to take Tully out while still pretending to have her back.

Later, in a physically-demanding nominations challenge, a determined Taras secured his safety and a spot in Top 10.

With the power to nominate, he sent shock waves through the house when he nominated Tully, Drew and his closest ally Johnson in an attempt to put a squeeze on Tully.

In a tense eviction ceremony, Tully unleashed on Taras, but he executed his plan successfully and established himself as one of the game’s most cunning players.

Big Brother 2022’s Top 10 housemates are Aleisha, Brenton, Drew, Estelle, Gabbie, Jaycee, Johnson, Reggie, Taras and Tim.


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