Long Slow Exhale Review

Long Slow Exhale Review
Still from "The Long Slow Exhale" episode 101. (Photo: Daniel Delgado/Spectrum/BET)

Yesterday, Paramount+ unveiled Long Slow Exhale.

After leading her team to victory in the Women’s College Basketball Championships, Head Coach JC Abernathy (Rose Rollins) faces a new challenge. One of her players, Shannon Crawford (Samantha Bartow), accuses coach Eddie Hagen (Ian Harding) of sexual assault. Colton State University President Melinda Barrington (Famke Jassen) and Athletic Director Hillman Ford (Josh Lucas) focus on protecting the school’s reputation, while JC tries to uncover the truth without revealing a secret that will destroy her.

Throw in the mystery of a lifeless body that is dumped into the Chattahoochee River, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a tangled web to uncover where everything isn’t as it seems at first glance.

Through the three episodes offered for review, creator Pam Vasey delivers an intriguing narrative with complex characters and juggles multiple timelines.

Rose Rollins commands the screen and Samantha Bartow gives an exceptional performance, but they’re really weren’t a bad performance across the entire cast.

Long Slow Exhale isn’t an easy watch given the tough subject matter, but it demands you binge it to unravel the secrets that everyone is hiding.

3 Stars

Long Slow Exhale is now available on Paramount+.


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