The Project: June 10- 14

The Project: June 10- 14

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bernard Fanning are guests on a star filled week of The Project.

On Monday night we meet Justin Dillon, whose initiative connects consumers to slavery, allowing them to understand how many slaves are involved in the creation of their consumables.

On Tuesday, during his first official visit to Australia, Hollywood legend Brad Pitt will sit down exclusively with Carrie Bickmore, Dave Hughes and Charlie Pickering to talk about his celebrated career and his latest film, World War Z.

Bernard Fanning joins us live at the desk on Wednesday to talk about his second studio album, Departures, and his new single, Battleships. We meet the inspirational Melbourne nurse Carol Perks who has devoted her life to working with Save the Children in Laos. We travel to some of the country’s most isolated communities to find out why she is facing her toughest challenge yet.

On Thursday, Lisa McCune joins us live at the desk to talk about TEN’s new family drama Reef Doctors. This week, the gaming world converges on L.A. for the E3 Conference. Funny man Tommy Little shows us all the latest in gaming machines.

On Friday, Lehmo gets up close and personal with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6:30pm weeknights on TEN

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