The Block takes over Hotseat

The Block takes over Hotseat

Next week the five couples from The Block move in to try their hand at winning $1 million on a special week of HotSeat

Over five big nights each couple will put their brains to the test, facing off against two other pairs from their home state.

In each episode the couples will take their turn in the Hot Seat one at a time, meaning each pair have double the chance to win the big money – if the winner decides to share it, of course.

Things kick off on Monday with South Australian twins Alisa and Lysandra, followed by Queenslanders  Trixie and Johnnoon Tuesday. On Wednesday Matt brings his mum over from WA for their crack at the top prize, while Sydneysiders Jarroed and Madi put their knowledge on the line on Thursday. Melbourne’s Bec and George round out the week on Friday.


As host Eddie McGuire throws the tough questions their way, each couple will be hoping to hit the nail on the head and bring home the big bucks.  Hot Seat is yet to give away the coveted $1 million prize – can one of the Block contestants make history by hitting the jackpot next week?


Hot Seat: The Block Week tarts Monday, June 10, at 5.30pm on Channel Nine

source 9