The Ocho returns to ESPN with an Electric Lineup of Unique Sporting Events

The Ocho returns to ESPN with an Electric Lineup of Unique Sporting Events

ESPN8: The Ocho takes over ESPN for 24 hours on Monday becoming the number one destination for ‘seldom seen sports’, with a marathon of the weird, wacky and wonderful sporting events from across the globe.

The latest evolution of The Ocho includes 24 hours of the craziest sports action, kicking off at 12am AEST on ESPN.

This will be the sixth edition of ESPN8: The Ocho since the initiative began in the summer of 2017, inspired by the 2004 hit movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” featuring Vince Vaughn, Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller.

Much loved and highly anticipated each August, the 2022 edition of ESPN8: The Ocho includes fan favorites such as Corgi races, Spikeball, Air hockey, Slippery Stairs, Pogopalooza, Death Diving, while introducing new-to-The-Ocho distinguishable sports such as Pickleball, Belt sander races, Bed races, and Teqball.

The 2022 version of The Ocho will include:

World Knife Throwing League: The top 64 knife throwers, alongside the World Axe Throwing League’s 256 Hatchet throwers, 128 Big Axe throwers, and 128 Duals teams compete.

Franklin Rock River Stone Skipping Tournament: The 2020 Stone Skipping Champion Dave Ohmer and Guiness World Record Holder Kurt “Mountain Man” Steiner along with a host of professional skippers will be in action.

Pogopalooza Cup 2022: The championship of extreme pogo, this game features the best pogo athletes as they perform innovative moves and enthrall the on looking crowd.

2022 Noblesville Bed Races: After a two-year hiatus, “The Greatest Spectacle in Bed Racing” is returning to the City of Noblesville’s historic downtown square. 12 teams compete for the top prize.

2022 Corunna Belt Sander Races: Corunna’s track consists of seven, eight-foot portable table sections that hook together to form two side-by-side racing lanes, 30 feet long from the start line to the finish flag and 56 feet total length. Picture a mini drag race, but with power tools.

US Air Guitar All-Star Air-Off: “Musicians” use invisible instruments to perform songs for judges in hopes of becoming the US Air Guitar Champion.

All the Ocho action begins at 12am AEST on ESPN, with the 2022 Corgi Races kicking off the marathon ESPN event, before concluding with the USA Dodgeball All-Star Showcase at 11pm AEST.

ESPN8: The Ocho on ESPN

Monday August 8
12am AEST, 2022 Corgi Races, ESPN
12.30am AEST, The Story of Spikeball, ESPN
1am AEST, 2021 World Air Hockey Championship, ESPN
1.30am AEST, 2022 World Table Hockey Championship, ESPN
2am AEST, Johnsonville ACL Doubles World Championship, ESPN (Live)
4am AEST, World Knife Throwing League: US Open, ESPN
6am AEST, 2021 AUDL Championship, ESPN
6.30am AEST, 2022 Pro Breaking Tour Invitational, ESPN
7.30am AEST, Excel Esports: All-Star Battle, ESPN
8am AEST, Franklin Rock River Stone Skipping, ESPN
8.30am AEST, 2022 New Swarm FlingGolf Classic, ESPN
9am AEST, Teqball: World is Curved, ESPN
9.30am AEST, eSkootr Championship – 2022, ESPN
10am AEST, 2022 Noblesville Bed Races, ESPN
10.30am AEST, Tiny Meeker’s Baddest Bencher on The Planet, ESPN
11am AEST, 2022 Corunna Belt Sander Races, ESPN
11.30am AEST, World Axe Throwing League, ESPN
12.30pm AEST, Pogopalooza Cup 2022, ESPN
1.30pm AEST, USA Pickleball Championship, ESPN
2pm AEST, OmegaBall Invitational, ESPN
3pm AEST, 2022 Bullshooter Invitational Shootout, ESPN
4pm AEST, US Air Guitar All-Star Air Off, ESPN
5.30pm AEST, US Quadball Invitational, ESPN
6.30pm AEST, Death Diving: Austin, ESPN
7pm AEST, ACL SuperHole III Finals, ESPN
8pm AEST, AWA Wiffle Ball at The Ocho, ESPN
9pm AEST, Turf Wars Kickball Tournament, ESPN
10pm AEST, Slippery Stairs at The Ocho, ESPN
11pm AEST, USA Dodgeball All-Star Showcase, ESPN

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