The Dog House Australia August 4

The Dog House Australia August 4

It’s another charming episode of The Dog House Australia this week.

It is a momentous day for young mum, Emily. After years of waiting for the time to be right, she has arrived at the AWL with her son, Jacob. Emily hopes that bringing a dog into their home will provide a calming influence to Jacob, who is neurodiverse. But is Jacob’s excitement too much for chilled out pug Kirk?

Their home may be chockers already, but the Woods family still believe they can squeeze one more family member in… as long as it’s furry. Daughter Harper suffers from a lifelong heart condition and the family hope that having a dog will provide emotional support in days of need. This family of six may soon become seven, if little Jack Russell mix Digger can charm his way in.

Not content with being a one-dog family, the Ryan’s have arrived at AWL in search of a canine buddy for their lonely fur-child Emily the Pointer. Em suffers from extreme separation anxiety and the Ryan family are hoping that adding another dog to their home might help her overcome this. As the family fall in love with Great Dane Katara in the meeting pen, the decision ultimately falls to Em to make the final decision

7:30 pm Thursday on 10


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