The Living Room May 17

Here is what’s instore for The Living Room this Week

In just 90 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo, Chris discovers a surprise tourist attraction in Shibu Onsen, a town famous for its natural hot springs. Among the crisp white snow and stunning alpine scenery, a band of rogue Japanese Macaque monkeys decided to take up residence in a local hot spring, usually reserved for locals and tourists attracted to the region for the spring’s healing properties. Unhappy with sharing the hot spring with the monkeys, an enterprising local built them their own. Now, like furry little businessmen the Macaques lounge in their own springs from 9am to 4pm. Dr Chris gets up close and personal with these locals and finds out just how friendly they are.

This week Amanda meets up with Will & Grace star, Megan Mullally. She’s best known for her role in the show as Karen Walker, the hilarious and perpetually drunk, extremely rich, pill popper with a high-pitched voice that you can’t forget. Taking up residence in Megan’s hotel room, Amanda gets to know her new BFF, and hears all about her “pash and dash” with Rob Lowe.

Miguel is on a mission. He wants to spread the love. Miguel up-skills bachelor Nic’s kitchen know-how and expands his cooking capabilities by creating a surprise three-course meal for girlfriend Bronte. Not known for his culinary prowess, Nic’s favourite dish is usually cereal and milk, but Miguel has given him a quick 101 in cooking for love. He leaves Nic to his newfound devices, retreating to the bedroom to watch the action unfold via a video link, but the cheeky Spaniard can’t help but give Nic a helping hand through a well hidden ear piece.

This week Baz meets interior designer Amanda Lynn who has broken one of the oldest taboos in design by painting the inside of her home black. Known for her colourful creations, this designer shares her myth busting skills to prove that black is the new white.

7:30 PM Friday  on Ten


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