The Block Sky High Bedhead Challenge

The Block Sky High Bedhead Challenge

With only three days to go before room reveal, time is precious – so let’s get moving people!

Stegbar are coming to install wardrobes and shelving in the rooms today and everyone’s on a strict timeframe. Most teams are just rolling with it but Jarred wasn’t aware they were coming today – he had a lot for his trades to do but he will just work around them. The girls aren’t happy that their shelves are wood so they are going to try and get them changed.

Now it’s time for the weekly progress reports with Shelly and Scott

First up floor 1 where we discover that the bedroom is going to have pendent lights and a study nook. Shelly and Scott tell the girls that the judges don’t like bare walls and that the cabinet is nice, which we discover was unable to be changed but they now love it. They are also advised to fill the shelves. The bathroom remains a work in progress.

Matt and Kim are next and Shelly loves the idea of the artwork and the fact that every room is art-themed.

Bec and George have a key art piece that is orange and black and they are going to work with those colours to deliver a plush room. Meanwhile the bathroom is painted with one side being grey and the other white.

Jarred is working on the headboard and side tables for the bed while Madi does some painting. We discover that the walls are going to be white. There is also an ivory carpet and orange linen on the bed. The bathroom still has to be done – there are no tiles or anything in place.

Up on the penthouse floor we discover that Shelly went to the same school as Trixie and that she used to be called flipper because of how she sang. Nothing about their room that we haven’t already seen is revealed.

The next day the contestants wake up to discover it’s challenge day with Shelly (oh great, I really wish they would drop this). The contestants aren’t too pleased either.

Today the contestants arrive to a warehouse to see something hidden behind a sheet. It’s a bed, so today’s challenge is to construct a headboard and dress it accordingly. The catch is this – they have to use that headboard in a bedroom back at the block. On offer today is $5000. They will be judged by Shaynna Blayze and they have 6 hours to do it.

While all the teams have just started planning, Scotty rocks up to give the teams a booklet full of stores for inspiration to help them. He then pulls out a key. It turns out that back at the block there are 68 safety deposit boxes. Scotty has hidden 5 keys in 5 stores and he lets them know that one is at a Mitre 10 store. With that, the teams are off and racing.

They arrive and start picking up all the stuff they need while also searching for the key. George and Madi find the key taped to a sign and grab it. The twins skipped going to Mitre 10 and did a phone order to get it delivered. They decide to go shopping for their linen and fabric and coincidently another key was hidden here. Their concept for their bedhead is a padded bedhead with 6 coloured fabrics. Trixie and Johnno are going for an angled bedhead in Aztec style which requires a visit to her favourite store where there is another key.

Madi and Jarrod have designed a curved wooden structure with an in inbuilt shelf. George and Bec are going for a soft bedhead with grey and gold cushions.

Back to Trixie and Johnno who are still shopping for their linen when they find a key. Matt and Kim are going for a pixelated theme bedhead made up of colour squares. The twins find a key. While Matt is stressing that they won’t have enough time to do the bedhead. so they give up the search for the key while bec finds another key and with that shopping is done

With only three hours to go Jarrod and Madi the first back so they start constructing there curve while Madi starts painting eventually all  teams turn up and it’s all systems go.

With just under an hour left everything is running smoothly and Matt’s pants keep falling down so Scotty gives him some rope to use as a belt meanwhile Bec and George can’t find the legs for the bed but they are under it. Meanwhile having finished the challenge madi and jarred think they need to change the colour of the shelf to match the colour of the skull candle so they paint it grey while keeping it orange inside.

With only twenty minutes left it looks like Matt and Kim won’t finish but the sisters help them out and things are back on track while Madi and Jarrod continue to debate the inside of their headboard and now paint it black so it looks like a tombstone. Shelly looks at the girls finished product and decides to let them know that the lamps art very nice so they swap them for pendent lights that are in the warehouse. Shelly also helps Johnno and Trixie put there headboard in while team put the finishes touches on with that time is called and judging begins

The first team up is the sisters she calls it a great idea but they need to watch the execution and to not overdo it.

Kim and Matt the idea is absolutely brilliant but the bedhead is covered by all the pillows it needed to be higher the colours work but the cushions art arranged properly and they can’t focus on the hero which should be the bed head.

Bec and George get mostly positive feedback and the pillows on the bed head are a great idea. Madi and jarred explain that their original idea was to have an industrial feel but it now looks like a tomb stone.

Johnno’s workmanship is clever and she likes the colour palate. Now it’s time for the winners and this time there are 2 winners so splitting $5000 are Johnno and Trixie and the girls Alyssa and Lysandra they also get all the linen and lighting. With that teams go back to the block before room reveal on Sunday.


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