House Rules Season One – The Reno Continues

It’s the end of the show’s first week on air and it’s been a rocky ride.

There’s two days left until reveal and Jane & Plinio are arguing over where to put towels. We then return to the problem of Chris’ mishandling of the roof plaster. It’s taken him hours, but Nick has fixed it. But they still need to level their floor and they have to wait for everyone to leave tonight to do that.

Amy goes shopping and Sean is hoping she doesn’t make mistakes in any of the design buys. Again, Carly has no work to do, thanks to Leighton not delegating anything to her. I can see this being a problem.

Meanwhile, we find out that Chris & Nick kept the house’s old fridge and built the kitchen around it. They then find out that the fridge doors don’t open properly when put in its place next to the pantry.

A burst water pipe has occurred on site and Leighton and Carly need to quickly move their plaster. They don’t think they will finish. Work onsite is also beginning to bottleneck as tradies and equipment is brought in.

To release the bottle neck, Chester puts up a tradies roster. It fills up fast. Jane books tradies for the whole day, annoying Nick and Chris.

Later, Amy and Sean face setbacks which cause another Amy breakdown. Nick & Chris’ design still draws criticisms from Carolyn.

Carly’s out getting some items, which helps Leighton get some breathing space. Meanwhile, Nick & Chris’ continuously changing kitchen scheme is annoying Michelle as she needs to make sure her room designs blend with theirs.

During the night, there’s a lot of work going on. With no power tools to use, most of the work is manual.

The next day, Nick & Chris check to see if their floor levelling attempts were good, but it wasn’t. Now they have to grind the floor down, meaning some people, such as Steve, cannot work. Meanwhile, Jane & Plinio are starting to install fixtures, such as pendant lights.

In fact, most people are now concentrating on styling.

There is now less than a day of work left and there’s so much to go. They haven’t even painted the walls. Though some have put down some floors. And tiling has been done. Jane & Plinio show off their LED showerhead that turns blue when it is cold and red when it’s hot.

Amy and Sean have almost finished their beauty room. They now just have to focus the hallway. Meanwhile, Steve takes some time out to do stretches, which attracts wedgies from Michelle.

On the final night, Jane goes home to sleep at 10pm while everyone else pulls another all-nighter.

On the final night, the feature wall in the brother’s kitchen is being painted. They’re still hours behind.

The next day, Carolyn comes in and she’s horrified at some of the paint jobs. The pressure is on. The contestants deny they have done a good job. Jemma & Ben are on holiday contemplating coming back to a half-finished house. Oh, and it’s Plinio’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Sean and Amy have installed a flat pack but it’s too big and doesn’t fit in the hallway. He didn’t measure it up right and now he has a massive problem on his hands. It’s a letdown. They decide to just saw off the front a bit.

We find out that every zone will be marked out of ten by the judges. I believe they are Joe Snell and Wendy Moore. Not sure if Chester or Carolyn will be there too.

Meanwhile, Carly and Leighton begin to lay their wallpaper. They have a conflict on how to do it. Back to Amy and Sean and they find out they’re missing the back of their wardrobe. Amy is devastated. They can’t find the piece anywhere.

With four hours to go, we wrap up