The Living Room August 2

The Living Room August 2

Here’s a look at whats in store on The living Room tomorrow night.


Back in his hometown of Newcastle, Chris Brown is taking part in one of the world’s fastest growing fitness fads, The Colour Run, where the participants’ greatest goal is to get covered in colour.  Based on the Indian Holi Festival, held to celebrate the arrival of the Spring, The Colour Run is a flat 5km course where the organisers throw 3000 kilos of coloured, edible starch on the participants. On his first attempt at the run, Chris has upped the ante, challenging himself to stay colour-free, but that just makes him the run’s most recognizable moving target.



Miguel joins forces once again with Italian pasta master and top chef Luca Ciano who demonstrates how simple it is to make one of the world’s most popular pasta dishes, fettuccine carbonara. Luca gives his top tips for cooking pasta correctly, while Miguel gives this classic Italian sauce his own Spanish twist.



Aussie organiser, and Oprah’s go-to guy for all things neat and tidy makes another special appearance on The Living Room. Baz has called in Peter Walsh is help another family get their life back on track. DJ Cindee and IT Manager John have been together for 13 years and in their two-bedroom flat for 10. But lately, their relationship has been pushed to breaking point because of a mounting problem with clutter.  The spare room is a junk room, the living space is cluttered and unkempt and in the master bedroom, you can’t even see the floor. A frightening assault 8 years ago left Cindee afraid of being out of the house and she’s using her possessions to comfort her. They need help fast, and Peter is the man for the job.

7:30 Friday on Ten

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