Better Homes and Gardens Augst 2

Better Homes and Gardens Augst  2

Rachel Finch takes us on a tour around her house. and there’s the usual ideas to help you survive the weekend.


This week on Joh catches up with Rachael Finch in her newly renovated home to talk marriage, babies and more!Graham explores the stunning Mirabell gardens in Salzburg, Austria; create the ultimate adults retreat; Jason proves that a native garden can be cool; Fast Ed’s got afternoon tea sorted with baked cinnamon brulee cheesecake and Greek shortbread; roast vegies take centre stage with Karen’s warm salad; Dr Harry tackles the case of a dog who’s scared of the stairs; plus the latest craze – competitive bunny jumping; get your little handymen sorted with a DIY kids work bench; and Rob meets a home owner in need of a window fix.

7PM Friday on 7


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