MasterChef Blue Team’s Breakfast battle

MasterChef Blue Team’s Breakfast battle

The blue team weren’t able to fire  Cupid’s arrows and now they are facing elimination.

The blue team consisting of Lucy, Daniel, Christina, Vern and Lynton arrive at Gary’s boathouse restaurant. Today, they will have to plan and create a breakfast dish for the customers. Their dish must reflect some of the world’s breakfasts. When it comes to judging they will be judged on creativity, taste and how they work in the kitchen.

They will have 90 minutes to do their prep and the dish will be agreed to by Gary who will mentor and drive the service. The 90 minute prep time begins and Lynton is worried of the pressure. Today he will be making grilled bacon with roasted tomatoes haloumi pickled beetroot and avocado sauce.

Vern is doing a breakfast pizza with asparagus and trout. Gary calls it risky but seems to agree. Christina is doing baked eggs with a spicy tomato sauce and flat bread. Daniel is doing a sweet potato crocket with a tomato homon jam and oven roasted mushrooms. He sets about making a crocket which he’s never made before so Gary tells him to try and make one first and weigh up the pros and cons of doing the dish. Lucy is doing toasted nut muesli with berry compote. It will be severed with some natural yoghurt and toasted brioche with ricotta aroumands and honey. She is keeping it simple during service. With just under an hour of prep left Lynton is pushing himself. He sets about starting the relish until Gary chats with him and basically says it’s not interesting so he sets about creating a new dish. He decides to do smash avocado with a fresh herb salad.

Daniel’s crockets work and look good.  Lynton seems to have more problems when he can’t find soft avocados and he has to think of a new dish. Everyone seems to be working well with 45 minutes of prep to go. Vern has rolled his dough out but still has to cook the ingredients. He decides to do 30 serves of his dish.

Christina is behind and she hasn’t done the flat bread or her sauces. With 10 minutes left Lynton finally decides on his dish of bacon and eggs. His bacon will be glazed in the beetroot sauce. With 5 mins prep the other contestants will be helping the contestants. With that, service begins and Christina hasn’t tested her eggs.

Gary has started calling the orders and it’s crazy and things are going wrong. The eggs aren’t baking and things are slow. But Daniel gets his crockets out easily. Christina’s eggs are piling up and are overcooked but Vern’s also struggling with his pizzas and they are holding up service. Vern has 5 pizzas on order and it’s a dish he regrets. Lynton is cooking his eggs to order. Daniel who has had an easy run so far discovers that his crockets are splitting. He changes the flour and it’s holding. Vern is keeping up now but he accidently leaves some bones in his pizza. With 15 minutes left Lynton’s bacon and eggs are a hit. Christina’s baked eggs are coming back hard and she is able to make another batch to rectify the mistake. Daniel’s crockets are a hit with people ordering seconds as service comes to a close. The customers loved all their dishes but now it’s up to the judges for judging.

First up is Lynton’s honey glazed bacon and poached eggs with toasted brioche and beetroot chutney. The eggs are poached well and the bacon is delicious they call it creative and the beetroot makes it different.

Next up is Christina’s Portuguese baked eggs with chorizo flatbread and salad. The judge’s eggs are cooked nice with loads of flavour that is a full breakfast.

Lucy’s toasted nut muesli with berry compote. It will be severed with some natural yoghurt and toasted brioche with ricotta aroumands. They love the look of and it’s very lush they call it a VIP experience.

Vern’s pizza is the penultimate dish to be judged today. They call it an interesting combo. Creativeness is praised. It has a lot of flavour but it needs some moisture like a mayonnaise.

Daniel’s crockets are great and they love it calling it dish of the day which Gary will add to the menu.

In the end it comes down to Vern and Christina. The next person to leave masterchef is Vern.



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