The Great Australian Bake Off Season One – Episode Two

The Great Australian Bake Off Season One – Episode Two

Last week, the humble cake claimed its first victim, but who will the humble PIE claim today?

The contestants enter for the first challenge of Pie Week. For this signature bake, they have to bake a family pie that can be sweet or savoury but with a lid. They will have two hours.

Bliss is making a chicken, leek and bacon pie! Monique is doing a ‘French’ puff chicken country pie. Julie doesn’t like pastry but makes a lot of pies. Go figure. Luckily, most contestants get their pastry done soon so they can work on the inside. Nancy is doing a lamb shank pie.

Sara-Jane is doing a rabbit and leek pie. Jonathan seems to be doing a garlic prawn pie. Bliss, when she’s not struggling with the glad wrap, is washing off her leeks. Kerry isn’t sure her idea of putting onions with leeks is a good idea.

Most pies now go in the oven. Only one hour remains. Bliss forgot to put seeds on her pie and now she’s freaking out. She and Maria are the last to put their pies in the oven, which doesn’t leave them with much time.

When Julie gets her pie out of her tin, it crumbles. Maria didn’t have enough time to take the pie out of the tin.

Bliss is first for judging. Dan loves the smell and the flavour. Kerry is also impressed. In the end, she didn’t put onion in.

Jonathan’s prawn pie is next. Dan loves the texture and the filling however Kerry would love more flavour and Dan calls it a bit dry.

Brendan is next with his Thai chicken pie. Dan loves the hit of spices. Kerry notices the hundreds of flavours. Dan doesn’t like the bottom.

Maria is next with her braised beef pie. It’s a hit! Sara-Jane’s Rabbit, Leek & Pistachio pie doesn’t get the same reaction.

To Nancy’s pie and Kerry doesn’t like the idea of the bone in the centre. She thinks the pie is dry and mushy.

Monique’s chicken, herb and mushroom pie is next. Kerry likes the flavour but thinks the centre is undercooked.

Mark’s Cheese & Onion pie is next to be tasted. Dan likes the cheese flavour but Kerry notices it is undercooked.

Julie has a Moroccan Lamb pie. Kerry thinks it looks pretty but they love the flavour, however it is not fantastic.

In the end, Maria, Brendan & Bliss are ‘on the rise’ while Nancy, Julie & Mark are on the bottom.

It’s now time for challenge two- the technical bake. Today, they have to make a large lemon meringue pie. As always, they will be given the ingredients and SOME of the recipe. But they will have to use their knowledge to fill in the gaps.

Bliss is excited about this challenge as she makes it all the time. Monique loves the use of lemon zest. Julie is under the pressure to redeem herself from the previous challenge.

Towards the end, Mark thinks his pie is a bit ugly. Bliss has a disaster with the side of her pie. Because of her experience, this upsets her. When Mark lifts his cake onto the plate, just like last week, it falls apart!

It’s time to judge. Julie’s pie is praised for its crumb and it’s top. Kerry thinks it looks a bit leathery. Dan says it hasn’t set. Maria’s pie worries them about its shape. In the end, it has a clean consistency in the lemon. It’s a bit sweet. Mark’s pie is blasted for appearance. Kerry doesn’t bother eating the base and calls the rest of it metallic.

Nancy’s pie isn’t set and the starch is noticeable. Kerry likes the flavour of Monique’s pie but it is not set. Bliss’ meringue is problematic but Dan likes the pastry and the top. The meringue hasn’t cooked. Jonathan’s pastry looks great and it is set. They are impressed. Sara-Jane is next and they like the balance of her flavour. Last is Brendan but they don’t like his swirl. The crust is crisp.

The order, from worst to best, is Bliss, Mark, Nancy, Julie, Maria, Monique, Sara-Jane, Brendan and Jonathan.

To the final challenge- the showstopper. Today, they have to bake party pies, sausage rolls and pasties. They have to make 36 items- twelve of each variety.

Monique will be plating up Cornish pasties, classic sausage rolls and mini shepherd’s pies! Brendan will be doing a BBQ Chicken & Cheese pies, Satay Pork Sausage Rolls and Beef & Bean pasties. Nancy is doing a smoky chorizo sausage rolls, pumpkin & feta pasties and BBQ pork & whiskey pies.

Bliss is doing beef & bacon party pies, pork, apple & fennel sausage rolls and spicy curry pasties. Jonathan is using a special Italian pastry to make chicken Kiev party pies, layered lamb Moussaka pasties and pumpkin & ricotta sfogliatelle.

Julie is doing salmon & fennel party pies, curried coriander potato pasties and chicken, bacon & sundried tomato sausage rolls. Sara Jane is doing mushroom Bourguignon pies, cauliflower cheese pasties and vegetarian sausage rolls. Mark is doing shredded pork pies, potato & cauliflower empanadas and Argentinian beef Pampas rolls. Lastly, Maria is making some Chicken & apple cider pies, Spiced samosa pasties and Chicken & sage sausage rolls.

Monique feels her pasties will look like ‘arse’. Kerry thinks Jonathan’s intricate pastry should be a good gamble.

With an hour to go, the pies are now in the oven however Bliss has forgotten to get her puff pastry out of the fridge. She’s running out of time. Monique is also struggling with piping her mashed potato.

Soon, time is up.

Nancy is first to be judged. Kerry loves the presentation. Dan loves the sausage rolls and the pasties. Same story with the pies.

Brendan is next. Kerry says there is a lack of filling in his pie and Dan calls his chicken stringy. Julie gets better praise but her sausage rolls were bland. Up next is Mark. Dan calls it ordinary and Kerry says it needs punch.

Sara-Jane is next. They look good and Dan loves the pastry. To Bliss and her presentation is blasted. Her flavours aren’t too good either. Maria is after her. It’s a little dry, but she’s nailed the flavour.

Monique’s consistency is crap but her flavour is good. Her sausage roll is tough to eat. Last up is Jonathan. Dan likes the filling of his parcels. They love the crunch of his pastry.

Now, who will be the star baker and who will be going home?

The star baker is… Jonathan.

The person going home is… Bliss.

A not so Blissful ending. Who will go next week?


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