The Block Sky High Tempers flare as work continues

The Block Sky High Tempers flare as work continues

As the weather takes a turn for the worse so do the moods this isn’t going to end well

As day 3 of the challenge continues matt hasn’t done much work he concedes so he’s having a sleep in. Trixie has done a lot of work so she’s sleeping in as well. We discover that every room this week has different flooring which is ok but it will cause chaos Lysandra has gone home for the day to spend some time. While they aren’t happy with their rooms they were given (a laundry bathroom and hallway) they are going to just deal with it.

The twins will suffer a few setbacks today as they can’t sink the celling until everyone has their pipes in due to this Lysandra talks to George about getting his plumber here. Unfortunately George’s plumber can’t do it until tomorrow. However a more pressing issue is the fact that they need to build a trench as the twins toilet and bec’s toilets need to go onto separate pipes it’s a huge job. To make sure he understands Keith talks George through the process at least 3 times. Matt needs more space for his room so after some pestering Trixie removes one of her ensuite doors to give him some more wall space.

Matt is working on blocking out the space with his builder. Trixie is working harder than her trades to ensure the plumbing for their ensuite is completed. While Alisa has gone shopping and due to very high praise from the judges she is struggling for inspiration. She isn’t the only one though with Kim struggling to find a mirror for her walk in wardrobe with a make-up table. Having given up on furniture she has found all her white goods. Keith has discovered that the trench isn’t wide enough for both teams’ sets of pipes. George has gone off site and the plumber is due in a minute. So tom steps in to make it bigger but it seems he does so too/ late. Jarrod isn’t feeling well and the amount of time he has spent on the block is catching up with him so going skating solves that problem.

The girl’s plumber is going off because the trench isn’t big enough for the pipes. When he returns George gets a serve from Keith for not being motivated and not following instructions Bec says her family is grieving and she need George their today. Keith was unaware of the issues but while he is sympathetic he says gorge doesn’t work hard. This leads to Bec losing her plot and telling Keith to go and get f*****. Something Keith doesn’t appreciate. Lysandra has to calm Bec done and tells her that that it was the entire plumbers fault

George concedes he’s done with Keith Bec has never spoken to anyone like that before but she believes it was warranted. Keith hopes that Bec will come and apologise to him but that doesn’t look like happening anytime soon. Kim offers Keith some cookies. The walls are up for matt and Kim’s spaces and the shopping is done. Madi and Jarrod’s space is also ready to be tiled. George is behind and it’s affecting Alisa and Lysandra.

As morning breaks everyone has had enough. George’s trench isn’t big enough yet so he’s up early. The plumbing situation is still a major issues and no one is clear what’s going on. They will pull the wall down and they need to work together.

The plumbers are helping the plasters because no power tools can be used. Bec is still fuming she’s not proud but the comment. Turns out they aren’t sharing the pipe and after consult with Keith things seems to be solved.

Madi and Jarrod who are considerably ahead are hit with a problem. Their vent from their toilet is going into the kitchen Keith tells them to leave it with him. With trades filling her space Trixie takes the time to go shopping as Lysandra returns to the block. She is struggling to cut the plaster. While the plumbers are stuck where the pipe goes no one is having any luck

Jarrod room is ready to be tiled so he starts building bedside tables. Jhonno is also got his walls up and plumbing sorted. Matt is also up to rendering his walls and is going to make them classy. Keith allows Jarrod to use the vent because there is a cabinet in the bathroom. The twins are making slow progress with plumbers because they lost a day with the builders. The girls are now behind and there plumber pulls an all nighter.


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