MasterChef Australia Season Five – Meals & Wheels Challenge

MasterChef Australia Season Five – Meals & Wheels Challenge

Tonight, contestants will enter a team challenge fit for rev heads! But for one team, this challenge will be their fast lane to elimination!

The contestants head to some rural area where Alfa Romeos are waiting for them. They have to drive the cars to three checkpoints to complete three challenges. The team to complete a task first will get first pick to choose a core ingredient not available in the pantry. They will have three hours to complete every checkpoint and cook a club sandwich with a side of fries for 50 members of the AR club.

It’s time to pick the teams. Christina and Daniel are picked captains.

RED: Christina, Vern, Rishi, Kelty, Samira, Noelene

BLUE: Daniel, Lynton, Lucy, Emma, Neha

They’re off. The first checkpoint is a grape crushing challenge. Lucy is picked to do this for the blue team while Kelty is picked for the red team. The teams arrive at the same time with the red team slightly earlier. The team to win this challenge will get to pick between multigrain or sourdough bread for their sandwiches. They have to fill up 6 wine bottles to win. The blue team win this challenge and choose sourdough bread. And it’s not good for the red team as they head in the WRONG direction for checkpoint two. Rishi and Noelene’s aggression towards driver Samira was intense…but I couldn’t help but feel their pain!

As expected, the blue team arrive first. This challenge involves the contestants creating the perfect omelette for Gary. The first team to impress Gary get to choose chicken or turkey as their core filling. The blue team decide to do a smoked salmon omelette. In short, they win. They decide to take the chicken. And they do all this before the red team even turn up!

When they arrive, they do a shallot omelette. They have to milk 500mL of milk from goats. The blue team are, yet again, first! And with farmer Lynton on side, this should be pinch! And it is! As a reward, they get to pick their potato type- kipfliers or sebagos.

They choose sebagos. The red team are pretty much out of this! Hopefully their club sandwich is good.

When the blue team arrive back, they still have 90 minutes to cook their club sandwich which will be a zesty chicken, slow roasted tomato and bacon sandwich with thrice-fried fries to go with them.

The red team finally milk the goats and it ends up that Noelene was able to milk the goats quicker than the blue team! When they arrive at the cook site, they only have 50 minutes. They’re doing a classic club sandwich with seared and buttered turkey with dusted smoky bacon and a triple mix of chips.

The blue team finally hit a snag when their chicken doesn’t cook properly. They decide to deep fry the chicken instead! The red team seem to have everything under control. Half an hour remains!

Other than that, the usual ‘oh, we’re not going to get this done’/ ‘there’s too much to do’/ ‘we won’t be able to plate it all up’ quips are made as we head into the final fifteen minutes.

The guests begin to taste the sandwiches, but will the judges like them? The blue team’s sandwich is a hit and George loves the cherry tomatoes. They are also a fan of the chips. They call the red team’s sandwich classy. The vegetable chips, created by crisping the root vegetables, were a hit but the sandwich doesn’t give the same hit.

Seems the blue team will win. Let’s see the judges give their verdict!

The winners of this challenge are…the blue team! The red team of Christina, Vern, Rishi, Kelty, Samira and Noelene will head into the Top 10 decider elimination tomorrow!


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