Cory Monteith Died due to drugs and alcohol

Cory Monteith Died due to drugs and alcohol

The Coroner has released details in to the death of Glee  star  Cory Monteith 

Mr Monteith’s who was found dead on Sunday afternoon tests shows  he died of “a mixed-drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol,” according to a release by The British Columbia Coroners Service. However, it said Monteith’s death was unlikely to have been intentional.

“There is absolutely nothing at this point, no evidence to suggest this is anything but the most sad and tragic accident,” said Barb McLintock, a spokeswoman for the Coroners Service.

Monteith, in a June 2011 interview with Parade magazine, opened up about his drug abuse, which first consumed him as a teen, when he would indulge in “Anything and everything, as much as possible…. I had a serious problem.” After his mother and friends staged an intervention, a 19-year-old Monteith tried rehab — “then went back to doing exactly what I left off doing”

He unfortunately fell off the wagon in Early April  and entered rehab again completing the program.

Sources TV line  and SMH

Writer’s note Cory Monteith, tried to get help and unfortunately succumbed to his addiction. Now while I don’t condone drug use the fact remains that Corey was a huge inspiration to many people so if you choose to make a comment. Please do so respectfully and bear that in mind.



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