The Godfather’s Reign Comes To An End.

The Godfather’s Reign Comes To An End.

In one of the biggest tribal councils of the season so far, Mat ‘The Godfather’ Rogers’ torch was snuffed and he was sent home after failing to secure an alliance.

Earlier, the reward challenge saw a member from each tribe pit against each other, to swim against a strong current and grab a flag to score a trip to the Survivor Cake Shop.

Desperation for the sugar high ensued, with Locky disqualified for pulling Lee underwater in a bid to stop him from winning the round.

With a point going to opposing tribe Mokuta, it was ousted Phoebe who won the final flag, and ultimately the reward, for her tribe.

Back at camp, the rules of the Survivor Cake Shop instructed that only one member could enter the reward at a time, so the tribe drew straws to decide the entry order.

Tarzan and Moana entered first, but it was Phoebe’s desperate cake-cutting that led her to find the idol clue she was after.

The immunity challenge saw tribes build a staircase before rolling a giant cube down a course and collecting keys to unlock a puzzle.

Finally working as a team, Vakama started strong. But no one was ever going to beat the puzzle master Nick, and Mokuta walked away with immunity, saving them from tribal council.

At Vakama, Mat made a play to take out Shonee. He reasoned that Vakama lost the challenge on the puzzle, not on strength, and if he was gone, they would be done.

Flick was spotted talking to Mat, leading Locky to become paranoid that she would reveal their plan to place two votes on Harry and the rest on Mat. If she did, Harry would be voted out and the alliance needed him.

At tribal council, Flick confirmed Locky’s suspicions voicing that she thought Mat was an asset in the game.

When it came to the vote though, Flick lost her nerve and voted with the majority, sending Mat ‘The Godfather’ Rogers packing.