Devious David Seals Phoebe’s Fate.

Devious David Seals Phoebe’s Fate.

An epic blindside orchestrated by her game bestie David, saw Phoebe voted off the Survivor island once and for all on tonight’s Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Earlier at Vakama, tribe accountant AK crunched the numbers of the likelihood of who should stay and who should go come merge. But AK being the game player he is, did he just reveal his strategy to win?

Over at Mokuta, knowing Moana was gunning for her elimination, Phoebe shared with David her discovery of the idol clue at the Survivor Cake Shop reward in a bid to get him onside. Little did she know, David was already the owner of a hidden immunity idol and was about to get his hands on hers.

The reward challenge saw another show of strength, with a one-on-one tug of war to score a packed lunch from home. After some epic to-ing and fro-ing, Vakama walked away with a win.

Opening their packed lunches, the castaways were delighted with not only their sandwiches, but letters from home. Cue the tears!

Back at Mokuta, David sent Phoebe on a wild goose chase to find the idol, while he went straight to where he knew the idol was hidden. And in an Australian Survivor first, David was now the proud owner of not one, but two hidden immunity idols. Phoebe however, was still none the wiser about either.

The gruelling immunity challenge saw tribe members split into pairs to support each other over a mud pit by forming a human arch. And once again, it was Flick and Harry for Vakama who proved victorious.

Back at camp, Moana put into action everything she had learnt from Mat, and had the other tribe members doing her dirty work to get the numbers up against Phoebe.

The tribal council saw an epic Moana V Phoebe show down, until David revealed a hidden immunity idol. And just like that, Phoebe knew she had been betrayed her.

Deciding not to play his idol, David waited for Phoebe to be eliminated. But all didn’t go to plan as Nick played his extra vote from his Pandora’s Box, which led to a tie between Phoebe and Moana, followed by a redraw.

In the end, Phoebe’s torch was snuffed as she said goodbye to the competition.