Jack Jumps Back Into Erinsborough

Jack Jumps Back Into Erinsborough

Tonight sees another blast from the past arrive on Ramsay Street as the countdown to the 35th anniversary continues.

After calling Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and explaining the situation, Jack (Andrew Morley) is on his way to see Paige (Olympia Valance), again sans Gabe. Bracing for Jack’s arrival, Paige is a mess, dreading what he might have to say. Arriving with a heavy heart, Jack has one stop to make before seeing Paige – he seeks counsel from fellow ex-local, Mark Gottlieb (Bruce Samazan).

Paige confides in Terese, thinking Jack is having an affair, before finding Jack and Mark at Harold’s. How do these two know each other, and just what has Jack been keeping from Paige?

While I won’t give too much more away, I will say it’s a very decent return for a polarising character like Jack. It’s a delight to see him back on the street, even if it is just for a short stint. There will be answers and what they mean are yet to be discovered.

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