Brooke’s Revenge Is Served Ice Cold.

Brooke’s Revenge Is Served Ice Cold.

They say living well is the best revenge. But this is Australian Survivor: All Stars, and when you have a score to settle that’s been four years in the making, you get the job done. In tonight’s episode, Brooke finally got sweet revenge on her bestie, Flick, sending her home via a perfectly executed blindside.

It’s day 25 and the remaining All Stars are halfway through their journey and one step closer to taking out the ultimate title of Sole Survivor.

At Mokuta’s camp, Nick knew his days were numbered after Phoebe was blindsided and that he was next on the chopping block. Despite wanting Nick gone, David had doubts about being able to trust Sharn after she voted against his and Moana’s plans last night. Could she be the next to go instead?

Over at Vakama, Dirty Harry went on an idol hunt with Brooke hot on his tail, hoping to find one first. Unfortunately for Brooke, she found nothing while Harry struck gold and uncovered a scroll depicting power in the game. It allowed him to stop the votes from being read out at one of the next two Tribal Councils, meaning no one would be sent home.

At the immunity challenge, each tribe had to complete several obstacles which ended with the use of a slingshot to fire coconuts at five targets. Two very different strategies saw Vakama fall behind immediately. After giving it everything, Vakama made an impressive surge forward to catch up with their competitors. However, it was David who scored the winning coconut, keeping Mokuta safe from Tribal Council.

When they arrived back at camp, Brooke started planting the seed that tonight was the night for her to get her long awaited revenge on Flick, but AK had other ideas. He wanted the original four Vakama players to stay strong and blindside Harry. AK foolishly told Shonee of his plans, who relayed it all back to Harry.

Harry decided to confront Locky who swears they’re all voting for Flick. In a confusing mess, everyone headed off to Tribal Council where Jonathan asked the tribe if they are six strong or if they’re divided along old tribal lines.

After the votes were cast, Harry went to play his advantage to stop the voted being read out. But before he could play it, AK jumped up and pulled him aside, assuring him everyone had voted Flick.

With only a fleeting moment to weigh up his options, Harry took a gamble and decided not to play his advantage. Lucky for him, it paid off and Flick was the 11th All Star voted out of the game.