I Am Not Okay With This Review

I Am Not Okay With This Review

This week, Netflix unveils its next Young Adult series with I Am Not Okay With This.

I Am Not Okay With This brings us into the world of Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis, It, Gretel & Hansel, Sharp Objects), who at first glance, is just a typical teenager with issues. Sydney, however, has a lot more on her plate after a tragedy.

Sydney is regularly fighting with her mother, Maggie (Kathleen Rose Perkins, Episodes, You’re The Worst), who is doing her best as a single parent, working at the local diner to support her two kids. Sydney is adored by her younger brother Liam (Aidan Wojtak-Hissong, Falling Water), a charming character with a sense of wonder. Also along for the school-life ride is best friend Dina (Sofia Bryant, The Good Wife) who is the smart, funny, badass one. The only downside is that Dina is dating Brad (Richard Ellis, Veronica Mars), a super jock who Sydney just happens to hate. Rounding out the mix of characters is the geeky and cool neighbour Stanley (Wyatt Oleff, Guardians of the Galaxy).

Now, this might sound like your typical teen drama, but there’s much more to this story, with mysterious powers just beginning to awaken deep within Sydney. I’m not going to delve into that too much more, but watching Sydney juggle life is all part of the fun.

I Am Not Okay With This comes from the director/EP of The End Of The F***ing World, Jonathan Entwistle, and the producers of Stranger Things, so the adaptation of this comic is truly in safe hands.

The casting is perfect, but it’s definitely Lillis and Oleff who make the show a joy to devour. Told through Sydney’s diary in seven 30-minute installments, the series tackles some relatable issues from the challenges of high school to sexuality and finding your way in the world.

I Am Not Okay With This deserves you undivided attention for the afternoon

4 Stars.

I Am Not Okay With This lands on Netflix on Wednesday, February 26.