The Flatshare Review

<strong>The Flatshare Review</strong>
(L-R) Tiffany (Jessica Brown Finlay) and Leon (Anthony Welsh)

Paramount+ has released the hotly-anticipated adaption of The Flatshare.

When The Flatshare begins, we are introduced to Tiffany “Tiff” Moore (Jessica Brown Findlay, Downton Abbey), who has just left her controlling ex Justin (Bart Edwards).

In need of somewhere to live, the big problem for Tiff is that she can’t afford rent on the minimum wage she receives as a journalist for an online platform. Meanwhile night-shift hospice worker Leon Twomey (Anthony Welsh) is in need of cash, especially as he’s trying to free his wrongly jailed brother Richie (Shaq B. Grant, Gangs Of London).

So the solution is simple – they’ll share a one-bedroom flat. Tiff has the flat during the evenings and on weekends, while Leon sleeps in the flat during the day, spending the weekends with his girlfriend Kay (Klariza Clayton).

There’s only one catch – Tiff and Leon have never met, and if their plan works out, they never will.

Communicating in only post-it notes, Tiff and Leo are unexpectedly drawn into each other’s messy and complex lives, and it’s clear there is an attraction between the pair. But can you really fall in love with someone you’ve never met?

The pilot episode, which was watched for this review, was penned by Rose Lewenstein and lays the groundwork with a funny and interesting premise that captivates form the very beginning.

Based on Beth O’Leary’s novel of the same name, both Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Walsh are insanely watchable as Tiff and Leon, so settle in for your next binge.

4 Stars

The Flatshare is now streaming on Paramount+.


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