Colin From Accounts Review

Colin From Accounts Review

Last week, Binge released their first romantic comedy drama in the form of Colin From Accounts.

Colin From Accounts is the story of Gordon (Patrick Brammall), who is driving to work when Ashley (Harriet Dyer), impulsively flashes a nipple at him, distracting Gordon and causing him to hit a stray dog.

Gordon and Ashley are two vastly different people. Gordon runs a microbrewery, Echo Park, with his best mate Chiara (Genieve Hegney) and Kiwi buddy and bartender Brett (Michael). Meanwhile Ashley is a medical student with a force of nature, who has an overbearing mother Lynelle (Helen Thomson) and is still pining for her ex James (Taj Hara). Now the duo finds themselves caring for the dog.

The 8-part series, which was written by real life couple Dyer and Brammall, explores what happens when you must learn to be brave enough to show your true self, scars and all.

Dyer and Brammall have created something so deeply funny that it’s not to fall in love with these complex characters who will make you laugh so much you cry.

Colin From Accounts is the perfect summer binge.

5 Stars

Colin From Accounts is now streaming on Binge.


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