Tense Recoupling shakes up the Villa

Callum has a spring in his step and is vibing Tina, and Tina feels the same.

Austen gets a text, the hideaway is open and Jess and Al are the chosen ones to spend a night away from the group.

Stella has a chat with Tak and breaks up with him, she isn’t vibing him and feels it’s more of a friendship. Tak feels sad, he is never anyone’s first choice.

Mitch and Tina have a chat and they are confused. While they both want to move on and get to know other Islanders, they keep getting drawn to each other.

Jess and Al have a wonderful time in the hideaway, and take the next step in their relationship.

The next morning the truth bike comes out and there are some interesting confessions that come out:

PHOEBE S admits on day one she would choose footy player Mitch over her Mitch.

TAK likes Tina.

CLAUDIA doesn’t 100 per cent trust Austen.

MITCH slept with last year’s Islander Emily only once.

AL admits he will flirt and doesn’t see it as cheating.

JORDAN is brutal about Phoebe H, saying he sees no future on the outside with her, which upsets her.

The truth bike rocks the villa, in particular Jess and Al. She thought his comments on the truth bike were disrespectful. Al doesn’t know how to deal with it.

There will be a recoupling tonight, the girls have the power as Sophie arrives in the villa.

Phoebe S couples up with Mitchell.

Claudia couples up with Austen.

Phoebe H couples up with Jordan.

Stella couples up with Mitch.

Tina couples up with Callum.

That leaves Tak dumped. He has an emotional goodbye.


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