The final dates are spectacular in Paradise

In last night’s penultimate episode of of Bachelor In Paradise, the final four couples went on their last dates before tonight’s commitment ceremonies. 

It was a chance for the couples to see where their relationships were at, have important discussions and decide if they could see a future with each other outside of paradise.

From fights to break-ups and make-ups, Keira and Jarrod’s journey has been an emotional rollercoaster.

Starting the day with a beach stroll, followed by a boat ride and cocktails by candlelight, the pair talked about their strong feelings for each other.

While Jarrod described Keira as his princess and she gushed over feeling protected by him, neither of them could muster the courage to say those three important words, “I love you”.

Grant and Ali’s date saw them riding eco-bikes along a train track while taking in the incredible sights of Fiji. After interacting with the local kids, the pair were impressed with each other’s parenting potential.

Later in the evening, Ali and Grant talked about coming from opposite sides of the world and where they would live outside of paradise. After Ali confirmed she would make the big move to Los Angeles, Grant toyed with the idea of proposing.


It was not exactly love at first sight for Sam and Tara, but it was clear how loved-up and comfortable the pair were with each other nearing the end of paradise.

After strolling through the rainforest and goofing around together in a cooking class, Sam and Tara sat down for a serious conversation. Sam opened up to her about his previous issues with commitment and how he knows that she is the one for him. After telling each other face-to-face that they are in love, the pair shared a passionate kiss.

Megan and Jake set sail on a luxury yacht. While Jake was confident in his feelings and excited for what the future held for their relationship, Megan was more hesitant. She felt a spark and could see the potential for romance, but worried they had not had many intellectual conversations.


After paradise, Megan told Jake she would have to go away for a couple of months for work and wanted to know if he would stay committed to her. Without hesitation, Jake said yes.

In tonight’s epic grand finale, the final four couples will have to decide if what have is strong enough for them to commit in a beautiful ceremony held in paradise.