Stan Walker: To Hell and Back

A powerful documentary that chronicles singer Stan Walker’s battle with cancer will go to air next week.

Stan Walker: To Hell and Back charts the five-time ARIA-nominated performer’s journey to recovery after a devastating cancer diagnosis in 2017.

Facing an unknown and potentially terrifying outcome, Stan made the decision to document each step of his treatment. The heart-rending footage is raw and intimate, yet ultimately uplifting. It is a portrait of Stan’s strength while facing a life-threatening illness.

The tender documentary also traces the remarkable history and unique bonds that unite his family while reflecting the honesty and sincerity that Stan shares with his fans.

Stan Walker said: “I wanted to make the documentary to help people and also to help myself process this whole thing. It was my idea. I like to use the best and worst parts of my life and to turn them into something creative.”

The broadcast of Stan Walker: To Hell and Back coincides with the release of a new six-track, self-titled EP as Stan celebrates the opportunity to let his voice rise once more. The first song off the EP, Thank You, is a heartfelt tribute written for his mother and is out now.

Stan Walker: To Hell and Back premieres 9:15pm Monday  May 7 on Nine