The End Game Is Nigh.

With the end game and a large pot of silver in sight, the Traitors were turning on each other in their penultimate day in the game. Here’s what went down in tonight’s killer episode of The Traitors

The Faithful were growing increasingly frustrated that they had only banished one Traitor, while their fellow Faithfuls kept dropping like flies. At breakfast, it became clear that Hannah was murdered, leaving three Traitors and three Faithful.

At the challenge, the contestants clocked up an extra $16,000 to add to their total prize pool.

Once they returned to the hotel, the scramble begun. Sam and Liam had their sights set on Blake, however Gloria and Camille were on a mission to target Sam, trying to convince Sarah to turn on him. They only needed one final person on their side and then they would have the numbers to get him out.

Camille approached Blake to see how he would feel about joining her to get their fellow Traitor out. He decided it was time to align himself to Camille and turn on Sam.

As Banishment started, Gloria implored to the Faithful in the room that this was their last chance to get a Traitor out, otherwise the game was over. She said Sam’s claim that he was murdered while wearing the shield was suspicious. Sam retorted that he never pushed the fact he got murdered and there could have in fact been a recruitment. When Gloria said to look at people they’d least expect, he started looking at her. Gloria was someone that had flown under the radar. Liam agreed. Blake finally admitted that Gloria once said she would make a fantastic Traitor by flying under the radar and that’s exactly what she was doing.

When Rodger announced it was time to vote, they all voted Gloria, who was of course, a Faithful. Liam was furious. His sights were now set on Sam.

Rodger interrupted with the news the final five were receiving a gift for getting this far in the game. Tonight, there would be no murder!

The group were elated, however Sam now found himself with a target on his back. He normally murdered the people who attacked him and now he can’t murder Liam. Can he weasel his way out of this one? 


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