New Traitor, Who Dis?

With only two days to go until the end game, the pressure was building for the Faithful and Traitors. Here’s how tonight’s killer episode of The Traitors went down…

After the ultimate betrayal at the previous Banishment Ceremony, Sam backed Blake into a corner in order to recruit a new Traitor with an offer of war or peace.

Camille was gobsmacked to get an offer from the Traitors and ultimately decided to join them on the dark side, meaning there were now three Traitors – Sam, Blake and Camille – and only five Faithful remaining. Sam had a masterplan to keep his recruitment of Camille a secret by wearing his Shield as a deflection away from the fact nobody had been murdered.

After it became clear that no one was murdered, much to Sam’s delight, Liam instantly told the group that the Traitors must have tried to murder Sam but his Shield protected him, so he must be a faithful.

A tightly fought Shield Mission saw Keith walk away victorious, safe from murder, but not safe from banishment.

Back at the hotel, with all votes seemingly headed Keith’s way, Hannah dropped the bombshell that Traitors can fake murder themselves if they have a Shield, meaning Sam’s name was back on the table.

In the Banishment Ceremony, Blake led the charge on Keith. This attack from his best friend turned Keith off Sam’s trail and onto Blake, but Blake managed to divert attention back to Liam. Hannah’s questioning fell flat, and with no real support for the Sam votes,  Hannah, Sarah and Liam join the three Traitors to vote out Keith.

Later, the Traitors meet in Traitor’s Tower and congratulated Camille on her first banishment. Gloria and Hannah’s names are both on the chopping block but who will survive another night in the hotel? 


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