Bathroom and Powder Room Reveal

Our Blockheads have sore heads after they went to iconic Melbourne venue The Espy to celebrate after the break dancing challenge.

Our winners of the challenge – Eliza and Liberty – have won $20,000 in challenges this week and despite their hangovers, they are very happy.

Steph and Gian are fast becoming one of the most talked about contestants on The Block for their Japandi style. A mix between Japanese and Scandinavian influences. Foreman Keith hates the custom made stone vanity in the powder room this week.

Kristy and Brett and their builder Dan have a tense few hours as he chases plans for the rest of the house. 

The late nights are getting to Steph and Gian as they unusually bicker as all the couples work hard to make tool’s down. In the end everyone finishes their bathrooms and powder rooms and head to Scotty’s HQ for judging.

House 1, Kyle and Leslie spent $18,352 The smallest room in Block history was very well received by the judges. Shaynna loved the vanity and Marty felt when the buyer enters this power room, they will know they are looking at a high end property. Darren loved the art choices. “A bloody good room,” Shaynna said.

Score 26/30

House 2, Leah and Ash spent $25,389 Shaynna noted that Leah and Ash love marble and wondered how expensive their room would be. Marty feels they have listened to the advice of the judges and have delivered a stunning room. Shaynna loved the art deco vase.

Score 28 /30

House 3, Kristy and Brett spent $33,718 Shaynna thought the whole room was very glamorous and praised Kristy and Brett for all of their choices, including the amazing tiles. Marty loved what Kristy and Brett delivered, but did criticize the lack of under floor heating.

Score 27.5/30

House 4, Steph and Gian spent $24,854The judges all loved the custom made stone vanity and bench top. A stunning addition to House No.3. Their biggest criticism was the placement of the toilet, you can see it clearly from the door if you are outside in the hallway.


House 5, Eliza and Liberty spent $37,409The moss wall was the biggest talking point with the judges. Shaynna and Marty absolutely hated it, while Darren was somewhat on the fence.  Despite the moss wall, everything else was well done, the judges thought. The room was very functional.

Score 25/30

So after a very close week, Leah and Ash use the gnome they won at an earlier challenge to just take the win from their friends Kristy and Brett.


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