Living and Dining Room Week Begins

Living and Dining Room Week Begins

Eliza and Liberty have woken up dejected after the judges – including their public enemy No.1, Marty Fox – hated their controversial moss wall

At the Domain Open For Inspections the divide between the contestants continues to grow. In one camp you have Kyle and Leslie, Steph and Gian and Eliza and Liberty, and in the other camp Kristy and Brett and Leah and Ash.

Eliza and Liberty are unhappy with some of the gibes of Leah and Ash, they feel they are “bad winners, and bad losers.’

It’s that time of The Block when our Blockheads start to have real budget issues. Jo From Finance visits the contestants, so far Eliza and Liberty and Kristy and Brett are the ones struggling the most.

It’s living and dining room this week, one of the most important weeks on The Block. Architect Steph realizes this and swaps her layout around. The dining room will now be elevated and go where the kitchen was according to the original plans.

Kyle and Leslie have a small space and have to incorporate a beautiful table from Christian Cole, who is no stranger to The Block.

Later on in the day Leah and Ash head to Kyenton for dinner with Scotty after winning last week, and confirm to him about the divide that is clear to everyone on The Block.

The day after they head to Urban Surf for Eliza’s birthday and everyone is exciting and happy for now, as Kristy takes out the surfing challenge and wins $2,000


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