Deals Are Done For Beauty For Men, A Dog Dunny And An Aussie Beverage.

Deals Are Done For Beauty For Men, A Dog Dunny And An Aussie Beverage.

Tonight, it was all fun and games on Shark Tank Australia, until the Sharks got hungry. But, as the tables turned, who fought for the chance to secure a deal of a lifetime?

First in the Tank, was Perth innovator and the youngest entrepreneur to face the Sharks, 13-year-old Lucas Lane and his mum Brianna. In just nine short months of trading, Glossy Boys, the three-in-one gel nail polish pen for men, has earned an impressive $67,000 of sales, with a profit margin of 64%. Seeking $25,000 for 5% equity, Sharks Jane, Davie and Cat put forward very different offers, before joining forces to ‘unboring their nails’, securing a remarkable result for Lucas: $75,000 between them, for a 20% chunk of the business.  

Next up was Sydney-based Sebastian Waddell, with a brand-new solution for doggy pollution. Entering the Tank with his furry friend Hugo, Sebastian was seeking $250,000 for a 20% share of his fully automatic self-cleaning dog toilet, Fydoo. With pet products in his wheelhouse, Shark Davie shocked Sebastian and his fellow Sharks by putting forward two offers. The first was $250,000 for 45% of the business, and the second, an astonishing $500,000 for the entire Fydoo business! Quick to shut down relinquishing his business, Sebastian agreed on $250,000 for 40% equity.

And finally, the quality of Australian native plants was showcased in a drink, by NSW mother and daughter team, Tara and Mel Crocker. The Indigenous owned business YAALA Sparkling entered the Tank seeking $125,000 for 10% equity. After a successful taste test, not one, but two Sharks, Cat and Jane, put forward a combined offer of $125,000 for 30% equity plus royalties. After a short haggle, it was ‘cheers’ to the final deal of $125,000 for 20%, and both entrepreneurs and Sharks couldn’t be happier with their all-girl team.

Unfortunately, missing out on investments tonight, were the retro video gaming museum The Nostalgia Box, and the Dylan Alcott-backed world’s first 3D printed wheelchair, Rove Wheelchairs.


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