The Crossover Review

The Crossover Review

Yesterday Disney+ released it’s highly-anticipated adaptation of The Crossover.

The Crossover tells the story of two brothers, Josh ‘Filthy’ Bell (Jayln Hall) and Jordan ‘JB’ Bell (Amir O’Neil), who are raised by their coach father Chuck (Derek Luke) and school principal mother Crystal (Sabrina Revelle). Both are considered basketball prodigies with dreams of making it to the NBA. But when we see a glimpse of the future, only one has succeeded.

In the present day, it’s the beginning of the school year and we are introduced to the boy’s crew consisting of Vondie (Trevor Raine Bush) and Maya (Deja Monique Cruz) who has a crush on one of the brothers.

The arrival of Alexis (Skyla l’Lece) and an unexpected curveball will set things in motion for an interesting year ahead.

Kwame Alexander, who also authored the source material, breaks the story into eight 30-minute episodes with his team. And while basketball may be a huge part of the story, there’s plenty of focus on family with Chuck and Crystal also given their own stories.

With compelling performances and an engrossing story, The Crossover is the perfect family drama binge these school holidays.

3.5 Stars

The Crossover is now available on Disney+


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