Kerri-Anne Kennerley Calls Time On The Jungle 

Kerri-Anne Kennerley Calls Time On The Jungle 

Three nights is all it took for the jungle to crack KAK. After refusing to play ball, KAK and Dom came to blows, which saw Kerri-Anne Kennerley saying the words “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.” Here’s what went down in jungle town….

It was the calm before the storm; Deb and KAK performed downward dogs together, scorpions and spiders made homes in the sleeping bags of unsuspecting celebrities, Adam Cooney showed off his KFC tattoo and called out for an endorsement deal… but this was just the happy prelude to one of the biggest fall outs ever seen in the jungle.

After being publicly voted in, KAK, Dom, Dicko and Woody departed for first eating trial of the season, and ball-o-ball did it go balls up.

At the trial, thanks to a few pairs of kudu testicles, all hell broke loose. Dom and KAK went head-to-head with Dom angrily calling out KAK’s unpreparedness to participate when she wouldn’t even attempt to eat the kudu ball.

KAK declared she would rather go home than eat a kudu testicle, and said that if she did leave, Dom could have her make-up, to which Dom replied “I don’t want your 1989 Revlon lipstick darl.” (Someone get that on a T-Shirt already). With balls flying back and forth, the trial was deemed over.

KAK returned first from the trial alone and recounted her side of the story to the camp. She explained that the last round of the trial required everyone to eat a kudu testicle, and if anyone failed, they would forfeit the eight possible stars. Because Dom couldn’t keep the kudu testicle down, KAK said that any effort from her side would have been fruitless. She started to choke up when she described the verbal abuse she endured from Dom.

A visibly emotional KAK explained that staying in camp would be unhealthy for everyone and called the words, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”. The celebs all gathered around KAK for a final farewell, before she collected her belongings and left the jungle.

After KAK made her exit, Woody, Dicko and Dom entered camp and ran through their version of the story. Woody and Dicko said that Dom gave it a valiant effort, but despite trying her best, she simply couldn’t deal with the kudu testicle.

Dom acknowledged that her use of language was out of line, but she stands by how she felt at the time when she lashed out at KAK. During the fallout, Dicko and Woody backed Dom by saying that KAK had zero intention of even having a crack today. Then it was camp cuddles all round.

On a lighter note, after Woody and Adam successfully completed an in-camp challenge, the celebs were given their luxury items. With the tension finally breaking, they laughed themselves into a funny, infectious frenzy until they laughed so hard they cried.

Chris and Julia entered camp and announced that Harry, Peter, Anna and Adam have been publicly voted in to participate in the next trial, Egg-ceptional Easter Eggathon.

Don’t miss Kerri-Anne’s first television interview post jungle on The Project tomorrow at 6.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.


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