Love Me Season 2 Review

Love Me Season 2 Review

Today Binge unveils the next chapter in the hotly-anticipated Love Me.

When we left the Mathiesons at the end of season one, patriarch Glen (Hugo Weaving) married artist Anita (Heather Mitchell) after a quick romance following the death of his wife Christine (Sarah Peirse) in the opening hour of the series. Meanwhile Clara (Nojana Novakovic) and Peter (Bob Morley) finally committed to each other, with hints of the duo having a family of their own.

Elsewhere, Aaron’s (William Lodder) relationship with Ella (Shalom Brune-Franklin) ended and she subsequently discovered that she was pregnant just after kissing best mate Jesse (Mitzi Ruhlmann).

Picking up nine months later, season 2 finds each member of the Mathieson family facing new challenges. Aaron and Ella have entered the joy the parenthood with the complex nature of co-parenting while trying to date other people. Clara and Peter are living together with Peter’s son Max, which is going well until Max’s mother Julia (Eryn Jean Norvill) enters the picture.

Meanwhile the newlyweds Glen and Anita are going well, but a blast from the past in the form of wedding guest Richard (Kim Gyngell) who is shrouded in mystery. How are these three couples going to face these challenges? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!

All of the sublime cast are back, and the fresh faces add another dynamic to an already top-notch ensemble.

Settle in for an Easter long weekend binge and find love all over again.

4 Stars

Love Me Season 2 is now streaming on BINGE