KAK Kacks It. Aesha Craps It.

KAK Kacks It. Aesha Craps It.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley may be TV Royalty on the outside, but tonight she was royally side-eyed by her fellow camp mates. Here is what went down in jungle town…

We all know Aesha’s not afraid of getting dirty (as we found out in tonight’s poopy trial). She hasn’t had a shower since she arrived in the jungle, so Nathan took it into his own hands to show her how to shower with this new fandangle invention called soap!

Never in the history of the jungle have we ever had a more impressive group… of contraband smugglers. They’ve been boldly enjoying the contraband willy-nilly. The deceit stopped tonight. They had two minutes to either consume or surrender every single item. Chaos ensued!

Brownlow medallist, Adam, spoke about being number one draft pick when he was 17 years old, but after a few too many vodka cruisers, turned up to preseason four months later, overweight and vomiting his way through his first training session.

After being publicly voted in to do the next trial, Aesha and KAK needed to scoop the poop in some of the nastiest, smelliest, post-festival,  porta-loos in order to recover some essential items that had been dropped in.

Without hesitation, Kerri-Anne uttered “I’m a celebrity…get me out of here!”, leaving Aesha alone to meet her faecal fate.

KAK returned to camp to let them know she pulled the pin on the trial, which left Dicko and the rest of the camp scratching their heads as to why KAK entered in the first place.

Aesha returned to camp a poo covered rock star, having won an impressive 13 stars in the trial. Unfortunately, KAK’s lack of participation meant that the camp only got six and a half stars worth of springbok and lentils for dinner.

Netball legend Liz also talked about the pay discrepancies in women’s sport, leaving the celebs shocked to hear that at her peak she earned $6,000 per year as the captain.

Chris and Julia entered camp and announced that Kerri-Anne, Woody, Dom and Dicko have been publicly voted in to participate in the first food trial of the season, New Balls Please


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