The Challenge Australia serves up some mud

An episode filled with underdogs, hose-downs and back-stabbing, had Challengers practice their bola throwing and spelling, before Jessica and David departed Argentina.

Tonight’s Challenge, Bolas for Blood, saw Challengers test their endurance and math, while getting down and dirty in a mud pit. We learned that for Ciarran, Emily and Johnny, simple arithmetic is not their forte, however Ryan and Brooke J on the other hand, smashed through their equations with the correctly numbered bolas. Teams then had to successfully toss their bolas onto their posts. Despite their initial lead, Ryan and Brooke J were struggling to hook on their last bola while self-appointed underdogs, Conor and Cyrell, were hot on their tail. Ultimately, Conor’s softball skills saw him quickly toss all three bolas onto their post, coming out on top. In last place and into elimination were David and Jessica. Challengers were left with one looming question – who would be joining them?

Still furious with Grant for leading her into episode one’s elimination, Cyrell was blinded by revenge, with Kiki simply being collateral damage. David and Jessica put forward their preferred elimination pairing in Konrad and Brooke B, in an effort to begin dismantling the Bachie alliance, but ultimately their pleads fell on deaf ears. Grant and Kiki were selected to face-off against David and Jessica.

The elimination challenge, Spelling Eeb, had Challengers each taking a turn to spell words backwards. For every incorrect word, additional tyres were added to their pile which had to be moved from one side of battle square to the other, and successfully stacked into a tower. David, Jessica and Grant buzzed through their words, while Kiki was caught not being able to spell “algorithm” backwards, setting them up at a disadvantage. The handicap didn’t stop them though, and Grant’s determination to get N-E-V-E with Cyrell pushed them to the win, while David and Jessica said adios to The Challenge Australia.


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