Bombshell Recoupling leads to a surprising exit

Bombshell Recoupling leads to a surprising exit

Bombs Phoebe H and Vakoo continue to cause havoc in the villa.

Mitch and Phoebe S have a conversation after a very tough few days. He doesn’t fully apologise for flirting with the new girls, but they seem to kiss and make up anyway.

Tak and Vakoo have a moment upstairs and share a kiss, but Vakoo still also has her eyes on Callum.

Jordan and Stella are in a bad place at the moment, as he continues to flirt and get to know Phoebe H. Stella just wants to be someone’s No.1 choice.

Led by Claudia, the girls can’t understand how Layla has taken back Callum so quickly after he caused too much trouble.  Phoebe S, her best friend in the villa, also doesn’t quite understand how Layla has forgiven him so easily.

Jess gets a text, Phoebe H and Vakoo will steal someone’s man tonight. Phoebe H admits she has eyes for Jordan, but knows she will break Stella’s heart.

At the firepit, Sophie arrives. Phoebe H couples up with Jordan, and Vakoo with Callum.

Layla and Stella are left single, and now a shock twist one of them must go. Who will decide that? Our new bomb Ben who enters the villa.

Ben has five minutes with each girl and then must make his choice to couple up with one of them. He chooses Stella, which means Layla is dumped.

The villa is in shock, in particular Phoebe S who can’t imagine life in the villa without her.  Callum also is in tears, showing a vulnerable side to him we haven’t seen yet.


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