Ben Begins his Love Island Journey

One of the OG girls, Layla has left the villa and everyone is still reeling.

Vakoo, who stole Callum from Layla, approaches him and says if she knew he was closed off to Layla, she wouldn’t have chosen him. Callum agrees it’s now time to move on.

The new bomb Ben and Stella have a chat and Stella likes the fact he is upfront and wants to find love. Tak also pulls Stella aside to have a chat, and admits he wants to get to know her and now he can, as his good mate Jordan has moved on with Phoebe H.

Despite Stella being in the next bed, Phoebe H and Jordan quickly get it on under the covers.

In bed, Austen and Claudia have a chat and the night doesn’t end well. Claudia admits she’s not sure if they will work on the outside as she just always has major trust issues.

The next day Stella is furious at Jordan for being so forward with Phoebe H so soon, and she makes this clear to Phoebe H that she was disappointed. Jordan doesn’t quite get why she would be upset. She pulls Jordan aside and makes her feelings clear.

Ben gets a text that he can choose a girl for a date and takes Maddy, which is sweet and awkward at the same time.

Austen chats with Claudia and admits he is disappointed that Claudia won’t trust him, and they need better communication. He is visibly upset.

Tak also is upset, struggling in the villa as he feels disconnected from everyone. Callum and Vakoo comfort and support him.


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