Hot Tubs And Hook-Ups

Tonight’s episode of The Challenge Australia had it all. From hook-ups to back-stabbing, tears to triumphs and of course an epic elimination that took down the cyclone herself, with Cyrell and Johnny saying farewell.

Before tonight’s Challenge kicked off, a hook-up had the house in a flurry with Konrad and Megan getting steamy in the hot tub. Fellow Challengers didn’t seem to mind though, hoping the romance would act as the perfect distraction to the ultimate end goal of being the first ever winners of The Challenge Australia.

As for the Challenge itself, teams competed in Build Me Up, a task that involved 45kg wine barrels – but to everyone’s disappointment – none of the wine. Each pair had to haul the barrels from one side of the track to the other before stacking them up, climbing them and releasing their flares. Just five seconds apart, it was Troy and Emily that stacked their barrels ahead of Sugar and Konrad, safely cementing their first place win. The remaining teams all pushed through, but Johnny and Cyrell couldn’t collect their barrels quick enough, leading them into elimination.

When deciding who would join them, Troy and Emily heard from Cyrell and Johnny directly that they wanted to face Conor and Megan in elimination, thinking they’d have the best chance against them. Ciarran and Kiki’s names were also thrown in the mix, with hopes of taking out some strong players. When it came time to battle it out, Conor and Megan’s names were called, and the elimination Challenge began.

A Dark Turn was a Challenge that mixed memory with attention to detail and a little bit of physical endurance. Each pair had to enter a pitch black container and feel their way through a stacked up puzzle before needing to replicate it out in the arena. Both teams had their puzzles stacking up quickly but Megan and Conor realised they were counting the spacing wrong and were forced to start over again. Meanwhile, Cyrell and Johnny complete their stack first, however once checked, was declared incorrect. It proved lucky that Conor and Megan spotted their error early, as they came back quickly to win the round.

After an emotional goodbye, Johnny and Cyrell packed their bags and headed home before everyone’s favourite algorithm created some exceptionally strong pairs for the next Challenge.  


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