The Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season Three – Episode 8

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season Three – Episode 8

Only six celebrities remain and things are getting tight. How will the contestants manage a new challenge after the brute force of the double elimination? And how will they face a SECOND double elimination?

The contestants are heading to their next challenge. Dawn can’t believe she’s in the final six and Stephanie has changed her attitude about John. She thinks he is a strong player. Roxy & Prue share a car together- yep, it’s awkward. They all head to a run-down house (Don Bosco House- a place that is used help children in need) in the suburbs where Mark greets them with his executives and Father Chris Riley- the owner of the house.

Today, they have to renovate the house! Yep, it’s another renovation show! They have 24 hours to turn the house into something magical, safe, secure and warm. They will have a site manager and two teams to help them.

Prue, Dawn and Stephanie form one team with John, Roxy and Jeff in the other. Prue is a bit worried about the physicality of her team. Also on hand to help them are former Celeb Apprentice stars. These are Patti Newton, Max Markson, Warwick Capper and Nathan Jollife.

They’re told two will be fired from the losing team. Their time begins and they’re off and running.

Team Fabulous will work on the office, entertainment room and outdoor gym. Team Fabulous is the team consisting of John, Roxy, Jeff, Patti and Warwick. Team Supreme will work on the lounge, dining room and garden. Team Supreme consists of the other lot.

They all begin searching and calling for help from others. Roxy puts herself up for Project Manager but only with other people’s recommendation and Patti Newton’s blessing. Warwick thinks Roxy’s name is Poppy. On the other team, Nathan and Max conflict on ideas. When dogs begin barking, Max begins barking which annoys the contestants.

John is hoping there will be no arguments in this challenge. This will help for when the two teams come together to renovate the front garden. Prue and Roxy call a truce and begin working on the garden.

Three hours into the challenge, everyone is working well…except Warwick who is not concentrating when Roxy is trying to deliberate on colour schemes. Warwick and Patti then head for supplies, as do Dawn and Max. Dawn barely survives the car ride with the annoying and odd Max Markson. The shopping is much worse. Funny to watch, though.

Jeff uses the painting down time to get to know the volunteers who are helping them and it’s inspirational what you hear from them.

Outside, Prue is now putting plants in however she does so without telling Roxy who is kind of organizing the whole thing. Roxy comes out all guns blazing because she wanted to do it together with everyone. Prue makes a point that the volunteers were on hand to do it earlier rather than later, but she’s condescending about it which frustrates Roxy. The two enter a heated discussion which garners more interesting remarks from Prue and Roxy.

With everything happening, Team Supreme seems to have neglected the backyard!

Gathering paint, Warwick and Patti decide together to change the ‘drab’ colour scheme that Roxy set out. It’s quite funny to see someone, especially Patti, ignorantly change Roxy’s plans. She’s not happy. Luckily she can change it easily. At least she can get a team in order. The other team is all over the shop. Prue is yelling out suggestions, rather than orders, confusingly. Luckily she is able to make use of some much needed corporate donations.

When Max & Dawn return, they are made to garden by Prue. Not a good idea, especially when compared to the fact Roxy has ordered gardeners for her team. When Max was instructed to mow the lawn, he digs it up! And when the others help out, they realise how time consuming and pointless it is. Roxy is saddened by the state of the team and decides to get her gardeners to help them, but they will need to work through the night to get everything done!

The donations now begin to take their place inside the house.

The next day, the place is looking completely great! Even the back garden helmed by Team Supreme is looking great which blends well with Fabulous’ new outdoor gym. Soon, the garden is done and it looks refreshed. I can’t believe they did all that in such a short amount of time. But more has to be done inside and Max isn’t giving Prue any help! Just hindrance.

Soon, time is up and the judges come in to inspect their work. They are amazed that they did the front garden which was not a part of the brief. First official room for judging is Team Fabulous’ office room which is judged to be spectacular. To the team’s entertainment and lounge room and Chris and Deborah are super impressed. To the outdoor gym and we get a product placement from Asics as well as some more praise.

Everyone then inspects Team Supreme’s areas. Same-same with the comments but Prue breaks down over Roxy’s help despite her attitude. The two hug it out again. Inside and Chris is almost brought to tears.

The whole thing is topped off by a car given to the house by Team Fabulous for two years. Yep, that just guaranteed Team Fabulous a win.

It’s now off to the boardroom.

The executives praise the teams for their work in the challenge. Mark says he doesn’t like firing people. Bullshit. They then get down to business. Roxy and Prue are then questioned on their relationship in the challenge. Mark then asks them all what they left in the house of themselves. Dawn gets emotional when she says she left herself there in the garden because she created a place she could give life to disadvantaged children. Stephanie brought a healthy aspect to the house. Prue says she’s had challenges in her life and wanted to give the children hope and a guarantee that people cared for them. Roxy gave them hope and homeliness. John left the power of sport, confidence and inspiration at the house. Jeff hopes he left sweat there but he doesn’t promise he’s left something there as he wants to return again and again, so he doesn’t have to.

Father Chris did not pick a losing team, but in his view, the strongest knit team was Team Fabulous. With that, Roxy, Jeff & John are safe from elimination. Roxy is brought to tears.

Mark asks Prue what she brings to the competition. She brings enthusiasm and experience as well as drive. Stephanie, when asked the same question, says she brings hard work and dedication along with creativity and being a team player. She thanks Dawn for her hard line attitude towards her during the show. Dawn doesn’t think she can answer because she didn’t think she could have made it as far as she has. She is still in this to win this.

The executives deliberate in front of the contestants before Mark makes a decision. Dawn thinks Stephanie can win this due to all she’s learnt. Stephanie doesn’t think either of them could win it due to her faith in John. Prue thinks Stephanie could win this.

In the end, the contestants fired from the show are… Prue & Dawn.

With four left, it’s time for the final!