House Rules Season One – Sydney Renovation Begins

House Rules Season One – Sydney Renovation Begins

We’re down to the final house- NSW’s Michelle & Steve! How will the contestants transform their Sydneysider cottage into a work of art?

Michelle & Steve are waiting to leave their house. We see that they like the view from their balcony. Will the contestants remove it? Safe to say, this will be the toughest house to renovate! When the contestants arrive, Michelle & Steve have some parting words before the contestants go on a tour! They’re disgusted by what they see.

They now pick their zones.

ZONE 1: Lounge & Deck

ZONE 2: Jesse’s Bedroom, Toilet & Front Porch

ZONE 3: Alex’s Bedroom & Family Bathroom

ZONE 4: Master Bedroom, Hall, Entry & Stairs

ZONE 5: Kitchen & Dining Area

FYI, Jesse & Alex are their children.

Zone 1 is given to Carly & Leighton. Zone 2 is given to Amy & Sean. Zone 3 is given to Nick & Chris. Zone 4 is given to Jemma & Ben. Zone 5 is given to Jane & Plinio.

The house rules dictate that contestants have to create a relaxed family beach house, make it bright and airy with lime-washed floors, add a touch of Morocco in artwork and tiles, bring Waikiki into their kitchen and deliver a deep spa bath.

The contestants seem happy with the house rules. They then rush to keep some items from being taken by the removalists. Michelle promises to give anyone a zero if they put fish/ shells/ words on her walls. Back at the house, Nick & Chris settle into their tent as the rest of the team settle into a hotel.

The next day, the contestants begin planning their zones and deconstruction. Nick & Chris want to give Alex a walk in wardrobe but they’ll need to knock down Jemma & Ben’s wall to do it. They will also have to remove a wardrobe in the master bedroom. Michelle doesn’t want this.

Amy & Sean plan a foldaway bed for Jesse. The idea divides opinion. The contestants have to also deal with 5pm tools down, two hours earlier than any other state.

Carly & Leighton want to build a wall for a television they are putting in. It won’t look good from Ben’s stairs, but Leighton doesn’t care. During demolition, the contestants discover termite damage. There are no live termites thank goodness. There’s so much damage however that some of the support beams are hollow. This is dangerous.

It’s an awful house that keeps getting worse. There’s a possum in the house, which is hilarious as Ben hates them. But they then find their worst nightmare- asbestos. It shuts down work for a day!

They all just decide to do some shopping. Paint is one thing their buying and Michelle wants clean, crisp white!

When Sean & Amy order their bed, it’s over budget. This is not good for them. They try to trim down the frills to get some money back.

When the contestants return to the house, they are greeted by a skeleton of a house as most of it had to be removed due to asbestos. They’re all two days behind as it is! They all get to work building as much as possible. Nick & Chris now only have a few hours to be preparing their bathroom for the tiles.

Not only all this, the termite damaged walls still need to be removed. They’re all in trouble, even Chester is doubting them.


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