The Block: Sky High Season Six– The Half Way Point

The Block: Sky High Season Six– The Half Way Point

Congratulations, teams! We’re at the half way point of the competition. But things don’t look like they’re about to slow down anytime soon as the contestants power along with their dining and living areas.

Lysandra starts the day with a video message to her son for his birthday! The twins are a little saddened that they’re only at the half way point. Trixie is also emotional at the long road ahead. It does put things in perspective though at how much winning this thing means to these people.

Meanwhile, the other contestants are stressed over the lack of funds they have. A plasterer George & Bec used to have comes back with a whopper of an invoice. Bec doesn’t think some of the billing is fair as he’s charging heaps for the week Bec & George couldn’t be there to monitor tradie times due to her mother’s illness. Tom goes to sort things out, but it’s not an easy fight.

They do finally come to an invoice agreement. Inside, Matt comes to an agreement to construct a floating feature wall. Keith thinks it’s a lot of work but thinks it will look fantastic. Hopefully they can win this time!

Madi & Jarrod are trying to work out their design to include some French doors. How many doors they put in now will shape the rest of their apartment so it’s a big ask. Trixie is also trying to design a house that can hopefully have an outdoor eating area that can withstand the bitter cold Melbourne weather. If she can’t, she’ll have to put a dining room inside, compromising the design for the rest of the apartment and their budget. She calls the real estate agent who comes in to tell her she can build outside with a design that can be warm.

Meanwhile, Matt thinks he’s bagged the auctioneer that helped Phil & Amity win The Block: All Stars.

The next day, Scott gathers the contestants downstairs and gives them all bananas. They’re going on safari! Not good timing for some people. Loving the David Attenborough-style narrating. While driving through the safari, the contestants encounter some wild beasts. Bec doesn’t know what an antelope is but she knows when to play some Lion King music. Circle of Life anybody?

Shelley Craft awaits them at their destination. Their challenge is to design and build a piece of furniture fit for a gorilla or three. Everyone is confused. They have to build the furniture out of material that is gorilla friendly- fire hoses!

But the prize is no monkey business- the winners will get $5,000! I guess the winners will be the ones whose furniture draws the gorillas the most?

Rangers are on scene to offer some advice. They will also have half an hour in the enclosure to measure and prepare their designs. After their time is up in the enclosure, their challenge begins!

The contestants also have other props they can use to build their designs. Lysandra & Alisa are over this challenge before it begins. They don’t find it fun at all. And they don’t have any idea what to do.

Bec & George are keeping it simple with a hammock design, which is in contrast to everyone else who are building climbing instruments. Matt & Kim are building a ‘swinging kebab’. Watch for more details!

The twins then get into the game with their messy ‘bangers and mash’ design. During the challenge, Shelley calls the contestants over to ask them if they want to meet their ‘clients’. They are all excited to see the gorillas.

As it turns out, the gorillas are just people in gorilla costumes. Very disappointing for the contestants. Hilarious for us. The winners will genuinely get to meet the gorillas. They then get back to their challenge, but time is soon up and it’s time for judging. In come the gorillas. The contestants head back to The Block.

The winner will be announced tomorrow!