MasterChef Australia Season Five- Tuckshop Terror

MasterChef Australia Season Five- Tuckshop Terror

Last night, Emma got herself an immunity pin. Tonight. we go back to school for a team challenge with some well-known former students.

The contestants arrive at Penleigh and Essendon High School. For this week’s team challenge. Gary introduces two former home economics class mates who are now great chefs. They are Shannon Bennett and Curtis Stone. Today, the teams will cook for 450 students. Contestants will be split into teams. They have 4 hours to cook four dishes that have been created by Shannon or Curtis. Each team will cook one hot, cold, sweet and wildcard dish which can be whatever the chef chooses.

Vern and Emma choose to be the team captains. Emma chooses Shannon and is excited and star struck. This means that Vern gets Curtis who will be the blue team today. The contestants were picked one by one

Here’s how the teams ended up

Red: Emma, Jules, Lucy, Neha, Dan, Noelene, Kelty, Lynton, Pip

Blue: Vern, Nicky, Rishi, Totem, Faiza, Andrew, Samira, Christina, Clarissa, Liliana

Gary says it’s a huge task and with that teams are off to prepare. The blue Team have Nicky in charge of cooking the pork and there are 8 of them. The menu for the blue team consists of a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and pineapple, Chinese chicken salad, a banoffee pie and Greek doughnuts. Vern is not fazed by being captain.

The red team are cooking Barramundi Burgers with Chickpea fritters, a roast pumpkin and feta salad a warm chocolate mouse and a duck casserole jaffle. Emma is nervous and a bit frazzled not knowing where to put the jaffle maker. Shannon has to remind her that she is a leader.

The red team is working hard and Lynton is looking for a recipe but it can’t seem to be found then Emma remembers that she thinks she put Daniel in charge of it. Jules is helping with the pumpkin dish today but she’s unsure of how to use the steamer part of the oven and the machine isn’t working. The blue team are working on their chicken salad. Totem, Rishi and Nicky are working on that and put it in the fridge to marinade.

Lynton and Dan are working on the burgers. Vern and Clarissa are working on the pork but it should have been in the oven ages ago. With 2 hours to go the pumpkin salad is sorted while Lucy and Noelene have got all the chocolate to start on their mousse. Samira works on the dessert for the blue team. Curtis takes a hand on approach. Matt has finally arrived with the chef’s former home economics teacher it’s a touching moment.

Kelty is doing the fritters and he’s got everything right. Lynton and Daniel are trying to help out but Kelty isn’t having any of it. With just under an hour left Lynton talks to Emma who orders Kelty to take a break and he’s not happy about it. Emma finally realises she needs to stand up and take a head chef role.

Everyone’s working well on the blue team with Rishi and Totem cooking the chicken while Vern is worried about the pork not cooking in time.

Neha is working on the duck jaffles. Vern has continued to stress over the pork and with half an hour left it was perfect. With a few minutes left both teams are given a pep talk just before service and then the bell rings.

Lunch has begun and everything is moving fast. The red team need more food and Emma has left the pass and no one is being served. The blue team salads are going well and they are almost sold out. The team then discover that there is more chicken in the fridge to be cooked. They can’t get the grill to heat up.

The red team’s burgers are just as popular. The blue team’s pork is also selling well as well as the desserts. The duck jaffles aren’t selling. so Emma puts Daniel out the front and the girls are lining up and they are moving.

Now it’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. First up, the cold dishes. The red team’s Pumpkin salad goes up against the chicken salad. Gary loves the pumpkin salad but it needs a burst of sweetness while the chicken is fresh and loved.

Blue’s pulled pork sandwich and the barramundi burger are next. The pork dish isn’t easy to get your mouth around but the pork is cooked well. Next up is the barramundi burger which the judges loved and the nuggets were delicious.

The desserts are next. The chocolate mouse is described as a great restaurant dish but is it great for school kids. The banoffee pie is called smashing. The Greek doughnuts are nice but a little too doughy and they can’t fault the jaffles. After trying to cook the chicken it is raw so it won’t be served. After a few minutes time is called and it’s time for the results

Shannon says the whole red team is a star performer and Emma came through. Curtis praises Vern.  It is a tied result so the kids get to pick. They were ravening about the barramundi burger so the red team wins and the blues are facing an elimination.