The Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season Three – Episode 7

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season Three – Episode 7

Last week, Peter Everett was sent home due to his inability to raise money. At this stage of the game, it’s not good enough. Will people learn this time around? Who will falter? It’s a double elimination and everyone’s heads are on the block!

On the way to the challenge, the contestants are talking about Roxy’s attitude and business ethic. They all head to a cul-de-sac. I wonder why.

Their client is Heinz. Group Marketing manager Brent is on hand as their client. They will have to create a 30-second web promo about their new soup of the day range and screen it at a corporate event.

There will be $40,000 up for grabs. Despite the gender imbalance, the teams will be boys vs. girls. They each choose the other team’s PM by naming their weakest player. The girls choose Jeff while the boys go for Dawn.

Dawn gets the task of sending their weakest team member to the other team. She doesn’t hesitate- she sends Layla over. Layla doesn’t care. Mark then announces TWO people will be fired.

They all now have six hours to come up with their web ad. Dawn, with her lack of knowledge, may want more. It also isn’t long before Prue and Roxy butt heads. When Brent comes in, Roxy outlines the idea but Prue thinks she’s talking too much. They both have a massive argument in front of Brent. They didn’t use him to their advantage.

Brent then goes to visit the other team. The team is getting a long well and Layla is loving it. They all have some great ideas.

They come up with a slogan, ‘Café? No Way! Soup of the day!’ and immediately ring people up to get it to resonate with the audience. They try to give it a 50 Shades of Grey makeover. Layla is really coming into her own here.

When it comes to collecting props, the two teams meet and the relative moods of each team are noticeable. Prue says something about Roxy’s business which really annoys her, causing yet more arguments.

Jeff puts a few smiles on people’s faces by dressing up as a chicken. It gives Roxy an idea for a Celebrity Apprentice-boardroom style advert. Stephanie gives some ideas on how to end the scene; however she is concerned her ideas won’t be remembered in the boardroom.

Back to the other team and their ad is coming together really cleverly. It’s so good to see Layla with so many great ideas and such a great atmosphere. It’s as if it is an example of how the show can be fun to watch without the bitchiness.

Back to Dawn’s team and it looks like they are starting to get ahead with Stephanie and Dawn getting on, but it doesn’t last long. Roxy’s loud voice and Dawn’s cold shoulder gets on Prue and Stephanie’s nerve.

The next day, shooting is done and it’s time for editing before the afternoon. Deborah has a look at Jeff’s video and while the team are proud of themselves but Deborah is concerned it may not be as family friendly as it has to be. They decide not to dilute their theme, but it’ll be a risk!

The bitching continues on Dawn’s team with Prue overriding Roxy’s directing role. They get the job done and it’s off to the presentation.

In final meetings, Prue and Roxy manage to fit in yet another bicker section.

It’s now time for the presentation. Dawn’s presentation is first. Their presentation is timed by a microwave. Pity Prue can’t work one! After the presentation, the girls have to answer questions. The lack of exposure for all eight flavours of soup was criticised, which is fuel for Roxy as she advised to put some in.

It’s now time for the next group. During their questions, they are questioned on their branding and audience reach.

Time for the boardroom.

Jeff was happy with his team and with Dawn’s choice to send over Layla. Dawn admits that sending Layla over was a mistake and should have separated Prue and Stephanie as they were forming their own team. Prue thinks this was because Roxy was whispering to Dawn all the time, excluding the other two.

Roxy believes she is the victim of the bickering between her and Prue however Stephanie believes Roxy is quite rude. Mark says it is virtually impossible to win a challenge like this with the atmosphere. Dawn thinks she is the weakest player because of it.

They see their advert and while Dermott thinks it looks better than he though, none of the opposing team knew the product and none of them thought it would go viral. Prue explains why they didn’t put the eight packs of soup in at the end.

We now see Jeff’s team’s advert. Roxy doesn’t smile once. Dawn thought it was very good and Stephanie also thought it was different and great. Roxy thinks it was funny and excellent. It’s very obvious who has won this!

However, Deborah scolds Jeff’s team for being too un-family friendly and they end up losing! This is just an outrage.

This means Jeff, John, Dermott and Layla will end up in elimination. Mark does put a warning out to the girls- play tight or go home. He’s not putting up with more shenanigans.

In the boardroom, the team are hurt that their ‘brilliant’ idea was not good at all. Layla thinks they may have concentrated too hard on making it viral.

Mark wants to know why each person deserves to stay. Layla believes she deserves to stay, and John. John believes Jeff deserves to stay as well as himself. Jeff believes John should stay as well as Layla, who did her best today.

Dermott believes John and Layla should stay. Jeff will bring Dermott and Layla back with him. John is safe yet again.

After deliberation, Mark decides to fire Layla and Dermott.


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